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Hi I'm ROB

I was born and raised in Idaho. I served a mission to Peru. I have owned several businesses. I am a Mormon.

About Me

I did some things right. Not all, but some. The very best thing that I have ever done is marry the most beautiful woman in the world. She is my best friend. 43 years and getting better every day. I am amazed every day that she loves me. I have a had a great life and am about ready to retire. We have 4 children who all launched successfully. They are all better people than I am. My wife is to be credited. I take some credit for not getting in the way too often. 17 Grandchildren. Happy! I have owned several businesses and worked for several large corporations. It has been an exciting life full of challenges and opportunities. I have enjoyed playing racquetball, tennis, and golf for a good share of my life. I and my wife recently bought bicycles and have also taken up the sport of pickleball. Trying to stay active...so that we can enjoy our grandchildren longer. I feel that the Lord led me to my wonderful wife, has guided me through the good times and the bad, and daily comforts and directs me...if I seek Him every day.

Why I am a Mormon

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints is worldwide. Wherever I travel, if I seek out a local church unit, I am greeted with open arms and open hearts. I am immediately part of that family...the family of those who seek to follow Jesus Christ. Worldwide, everyone believes the same gospel, and is trying to follow Christ. We are a family. We love each other and care for each other. As Christ would. The interesting thing is that if someone who is not a member of this church were to attend church at any ward in the world, he would be welcomed in the same way. All of these members understand that we are all children of a loving Heavenly Father. He wants us to treat each other how His Son, Jesus Christ, taught when he was on the earth. He wants us to love one another. I try to share my friends and associates that they should look at the church thru the eyes of "what are their fruits". What do the members of the church do? How do they live...or try to live? I ask them to point out anything that they church does that does not encourage goodness, love, and kindness. I know that the church is true. It has made me a better man, husband, and father. I hope by trying to follow Jesus every day that I might become more like Him. The Savior's voice is kind, loving, and soft. He will never force anyone to follow Him. While many in the world cannot hear his voice because it is drowned out by loud music, mind-numbing video games, drugs, and all of the enticements of the world, I choose to seek to hear his voice. I choose to seek the joy and happiness that comes thru love. I choose to live my life on His "terms" and will work daily to make those terms "my terms". I would invite any reader of this statement to consider, when you have spent hours listening to loud/lewd music, playing video games, using drugs, drinking and partying...can you truthfully say, I feel close to my Savior. The voice of our Savior is sweet. Seek it.

How I live my faith

I have owned several businesses and have worked for several major corporations. I have learned some things and am trying to learn more. Over a period of 10-12 years I owned several businesses of the same basic type. In order to be successful in those businesses I learned the art of only saying what contributed to the sale, not telling the whole story, and looking the other way when employees did the same. Perhaps a stronger person would have done better. For me, it became more and more clear that I was not truly following Christ. I was talking the talk but, on a daily basis, not walking the walk. I looked really good on Sunday, but the rest of the week, the dollar called my name louder than I could resist. My wife told me that I had changed from the person she had married. I sold my businesses and decided to find a course of work that would allow me to sleep at night...and keep my wonderful wife...and family. For the past several years I have owned a business that allows me to follow Christ every day of the week. I feel better about myself and now understand that there are just some things that money cannot buy. I do not know at what point I will leave this earth life...nobody does. However, I know that every day I am making a valiant effort to follow Christ. In my business we do our very best to be 100% truthful, 100% honest, and to treat everyone with respect and honor. We are not perfect, but I believe that I will not hang my head when I next meet my Savior. He will probably have much to say about other areas of my life, but I feel good about my daily effort to follow Him. I am hopeful that my dedication to follow Him on a daily basis has also made me more easy to love and to live with. In other words, I am hopeful that my wife is also more content with my way of doing everything. I believe that she loves me about as much as I cherish her. Herein is happiness!