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Hi I'm Jp

I like making jokes. I'm a Magician. I'm serving in the Costa Rica San José East Mission. I'm a pretty cool guy. #Mormon.

About Me

I live my life by one main principle; I want everything I do to be a great story I can tell one day. I always try to be funny and do incredible things that I can be proud to look back on. I guess you could say I was a bit busy in high school because I did almost everything. I was class Vice President, school mascot, yearbook editor, a cheerleader, MC for graduation, Class Clown (my most notable achievement), in all the school plays, I played the bassoon in the band, and was in all but five clubs. On top of that I started a club to get kids interested in politics; Alaskan Youth for Political Involvement(AkYPI). I'm not sure why I did so much, I guess I just never wanted to go home; but the blessings in my life because of all those activities have been incredible. When I finally got out of high school, I went to work in odd jobs and at the local movie theater to pay for my mission. I've never imagined anything else in my life. Even when my parents got divorced and both left the church, a mission is what I had always planned and nothing was going to change that. When I finish these best two years, I'll probably follow in the footsteps of all Mormons and go to BYU or just move straight to LA to be an Actor. Either way, I'll continue making videos as I work towards my goal of being the first Mormon Host of the Tonight Show.

Why I am a Mormon

Because it's true. Why else would I be doing this? This is the real deal and I want the world to know it. Of course I've had my struggles and my doubts and a ton of challenges in life but through it all, I've come out better than ever. If only younger me could see me know, he'd probably starting eating healthier to avoid looking like me but he'd be proud. I was raised in the church but there was a time when I wasn't too active. I wouldn't say I fell away from the church, it was more of a sauntering vaguely downward. I though I was active, but I wouldn't go because my parent kept sleeping in or having to work. In my mind I was active just with restricted transportation. After about a year of this, one morning I woke up and I wanted to go to church again. So, like any 14 year old, I stole my mom's mini van and I went to church again. My leaders wanted to be mad at me for driving illegally but hey, I was coming to church. I've never looked back. My mom left the church, my dad got remarried and started to drink, but that was them; my testimony wasn't their testimony. I was going to church, I had assignments, I was reading the Book of Mormon (when ladies would call me at night to chat and I would tell them to sit back and listen up because they called at book of Mormon 'o'clock and I wasn't planning on stopping for them), and now here I am in Costa Rica trying so hard to help at least just a few people understand how incredible all of this is. If one person can truly, 100%, just... Get it; understand the importance and profound joy all of this brings, then it'll all be worth it.

How I live my faith

I just try to be Me. I do the things I know I should do and I don't pretend that if my friends are doing something that means I can too. I'm a Mormon so I act like it; I know its all true so I know that living the gospel is what will make me happy. I want to grow up and be a comedian, I don't know if you've realized this but most comedians say a lot of bad words. That's not my style. It takes a bit more work and it was a hard choice to make because I know that by throwing in just an extra word or two, I can make people laugh a lot harder at my jokes. #notabouthatlife. I want to be the best I can be. I've seen the slippery slope that comes from blurring the line here and there, and I've watched many a friend disappear into the wrong places. Not me. No thank you. nuh-uh. I know that this is true, all of it. There still a TON of things I don't understand but I'm working towards it one step at a time.