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Hi I'm Kira

I grew up in Northern California. I am the only daughter in a family of six sons. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am the sixth child in my family of seven children, but the first daughter. I grew up loving to rough house with my brothers, but also play house with my friends. I love music and I try my best at school, so my parents really don't need to harp on me soo much. I just finished my first year of college, so while I used to think I knew everything, that fantasy is now long gone. I'm still figuring out who I am one day at a time, along with what I want in life and how to get it. I've had some pretty fantastic experiences and some pretty horrible ones too. I like any kind of painting. Nails, rocks, canvases, you name it. I also love to hang flowers upside down so they dry out and I can enjoy their beauty forever. I love Harry Potter to on end and I could probably quote all three Lord of the Rings scripts to you word for word. I love dancing in the rain and fog is my favorite type of weather. I like how when you stick your hand out the window while driving it feels like flowing water and that moment of breathlessness when you stick you whole face out the window. I'm scared of spiders and terrified of heights! I also hate feeling alone or abandoned. I try my absolute hardest to love everyone, even when its really really hard. And yes, I believe in second chances, third chances, and so on until infinity and beyond.

Why I am a Mormon

My family was a part of this church long before I was born, but that doesn't mean that I didn't choose it for myself as well. From the very beginning, my parents made it very clear that they wanted us to know for ourselves that this was the church we knew was true. Every decision I have made to progress in this gospel has been entirely my own and if I had to do it over again, I would do it the exact same way. Even with all the stumbling blocks I've come across, my faith in Christ and his gospel has propelled me further and farther than I could have ever hoped to get on my own. In many ways, all the trails I've gone through and all the mistakes I have made have made me an even better person. They build up my faith and strengthen my resolve to follow Him. Through this gospel, everything just seems to fall into place and make sense. And not just the principles that are taught, it gives my whole life more meaning and purpose. In my life, I have come to a lot of forks in the road where I have chosen the path I did because of my faith. As I look back at this stage in my life and see the alternative decisions I could have made and those people who made those decisions, I almost cry with relief. Most people have to make a gamble when they come to those forks and just hope beyond hope that they made the right decision. I have the fantastic blessing to not need to gamble. I have someone who knows the way, whispering in my ear and guiding me in the right direction. Now you may ask why am I a Mormon? Why do I continue to follow the guide whispering in my ear? Because I know Him personally, and I know He loves me enough not to let me go astray. I trust him with all that I am and I know that with His help I will make it to my desired destination. It's so hard to find happiness in this sad world. I was one of the lucky people to be born into a family that had already found the path to it.

How I live my faith

I go to church every Sunday and for two hours I take care of the little children between the ages of 1 and 3. I absolutely adore them! Sometimes the temper tantrums almost push me over the edge, but I can't help but love those little adorable faces. Every so often I help out with the teenage members of our congregation because I was one myself not so long ago. I love talking with them and helping them to learn and grow from trails we both have experience with. Also, on occasion I get asked to help out with playing the piano for the children's classes. It always seems like a train wreck from start to finish on my end, but people seem to think I'm at least decent or else they wouldn't ask me back, right? I always try to be the best possible example I can be for any and everyone no matter their age. One way I am planning on doing that is be serving a full-time mission for my church. Starting in August of 2015 I am going to leave my home my friends and my family and go teach the people of Arizona about our dear Father in Heaven and how much he loves us. It's going to be rather difficult seeing as I have to do it in Spanish and I really am quite bad at languages, but I know I can do it. This gospel and this church are definitely the secret to my wonderful life. It brings my constant joy ad happiness, and I hope I can help others to understand and feel that way too. I love God and I know he loves everyone on this earth too.