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Hi I'm Julie

I'm a step-mom. I'm a nurse. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a step mom to three children. I raised my first step daughter, then sadly, the marriage ended, but we still consider our relationship valuable to each other and her children. When I remarried, I gained two more step children, one who was already an adult. I entered this marriage knowing with one adult child and one almost adult child, I would need to be a resource first, then a parent. My goal was to let them know I was a nice person who could help them, but not require them to feel like I was replacing or taking over for their mother. So far, this has proven inspired as our friendships, then step relationships have improved. In the few short years I have been in their lives, I have been a needed part of the family when my step daughter announced she was lesbian and my step son presented with severe social anxiety in high school. I know God prepared me to be in their lives and gave me an understanding that I have been able to add to the family through my experiences and beliefs. I also work as a night shift nurse at a trauma I hospital. I love the challenge of the variety of patients and I love feeling like I make a difference, even if it is only in one life at a time. I also love play the piano, quilt, read, teach and travel. Eventually I would like to have children of my own, or adopt as fertility as been an issue. Sometimes it is difficult to be patient with God's plan, but I know my family has been exactly what we have all needed.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I want to be. I have chosen to take the time to study and decide for myself what is true and through many years of studying and praying, I know God wants me to be a Mormon. I wake up remembering what I have felt in my heart and live my day grateful that I know who Jesus Christ is, and that He loves me enough to give His life for me. He also forgives me for the daily mistakes I make. I am not perfect, but follow a perfect God. He has called prophets to lead and direct the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I have also prayed and decided to trust their words as inspired. Trust in God is a big deal to me. I trust that He is watching over my life individually to give me experiences to grow and the opportunity to call upon Jesus for forgiveness when I make mistakes. This life feels like the perfect plan. I do my best, learn from my errors, have the Savior to guide me and bless me with the chance to start over. Eventually I will die and be able to live with God and my family because Jesus Christ died for me and overcame death so I can too. Jesus Christ also is my Redeemer. By myself, I am not enough. I am stubborn and have to repeat lessons in life, but thankfully this was all expected. I feel the love of Jesus Christ in my life and know that I am doing the right thing by living the gospel as I understand it and learning how to make improvements and call upon Christ to forgive me and help me daily. I am a member of the church because the teachings of the church coincide with the beliefs in my heart and help me be a better Christian. I know that anyone can do what I did and study and pray for heavenly guidance to know that Jesus Christ is our Savior, the Book of Mormon is God's word, God still calls and speaks to His prophets, the Mormon church has the truth and most importantly, what God wants us to do with this knowledge. My call to action is my own and I am grateful for my individual plan for lasting happiness.

How I live my faith

I get to do the best form of service at church- I play the piano for the children's singing time! I enjoy playing the piano and especially find comfort in the gospel through music. I love the simplicity of the messages in the hymns and songs and many times, when I am needing help in life, or need to calm down my own mind, I can usually recall a song and be able to restore the feelings of peace I desire. It is also wonderful to be surrounded by children when I am at church. They are joyful when they sing and I is great to sit behind the piano and hear their testimonies as they grow. I also participate in the Women's group, planning monthly activities designed to enrich the lives of the women. Sometimes we have faith promoting meetings, sometimes we learn a new skill and sometimes we purposefully are social in order to get to know each other and what each other needs. I love being a woman in the church. I don't follow a specific mold as I don't have my own children and I have been divorced before, but I don't feel excluded or different because of it. The best part about being in the women's group is that I can see just how different we really are. Some of us work out of the home, some of us work in the home, but we each need the gospel of Jesus Christ just the same. Sometimes I feel like I participate because I need to learn something, sometimes I end up being the teacher. Women in this group have helped me understand my value as a step mom and the difficulty of infertility. I have moved a lot in my life and the beauty of the church organization is that in each area I have lived, the women's group is organized the same way, with the same goals and they same gospel principles. I have an instant support group wherever I live! Keeping that in mind, I strive to be a valuable member of the women's group by looking for ways to help or for opportunities where my particular experiences/skills could be beneficial and by creating the good experience I enjoy for others.