What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Josh

I grew up in Utah. Both my parents taught me from a young age how great our religion is, and to teach everyone about our beliefs.

About Me

I lived in Utah the first 18 years of my life. Most of that time I guess I was the stereotypical Mormon. I had two parents that loved the Gospel with all their hearts, I went to church every Sunday, and really didn't know much about Non-Mormons of various backgrounds and beliefs. This changed when I joined the military and left Utah to live in New York. I spent three years there, and learned many lessons that I will never forget. Some of the most important of these lessons was learning to put myself in other peoples' shoes who grew up with much different beliefs than my own. I learned that despite our different views there is always a lot of common ground between us, and now most of my closest friends are Non-Mormons from all across the US. I'll miss them while I'm on my mission, and I hope that I was a good example to all of them of how a member of our church should act, and I hope they learned a lot about our beliefs through me.

Why I am a Mormon

Since I now live in a community that's almost entirely Non-Members, I frequently get asked questions about my faith. Sometimes I get asked why I am a member of a church that has such strict standards, and takes all of the "Fun" out of life. While it is true that many things common to other groups of people must be sacrificed, I firmly believe that these sacrifices are well worth the peace, comfort, strong relationships with friends and family, and assurance that there is much more purpose to our existence than there appears to be. Whenever I feel troubled, hopeless, or any other negative emotion, I know that I can find peace through simple prayer, and through these prayers I can find solutions to my problems. I can also feel what we in the Church refer to as comfort from the Holy Ghost. This may seem strange, but this refers to a great feeling of peace, especially in times of trouble. It is a real sensation, it feels as if your bosom is on fire, except that there is no pain (or damage) done to you, it feels remarkably great. Latter Day Saints from across the world will testify of this feeling, as well as how much this Church has done for them to make them feel better. I know for fact that it has done great and marvelous things for me, that it continues to do great and marvelous things for me, and I have faith that if I remain faithful to this great organization, that it will do many more great and marvelous things for me, my friends, my family, and for all of the brothers and sisters in this great Church.

How I live my faith

Though I was born and raised in this Church, I never had a strong testimony of it until I was about 14. At that age I felt a sudden desire to be a better Saint and to follow God more closely. I read the Book of Mormon and Bible cover to cover for the first time. I have studied the scriptures and other doctrines ever since, and committed myself to becoming more like Christ every single day. Right now I am preparing to serve a 2 year mission to reach out to people who have never before heard about our Church, and to make everyone that I meet feel just a little bit happier. Missions are often difficult and require 2 full years of essentially leaving your personal life to serve God, and many everyday activities such as games, music, social media (and even using cell phones) are prohibited because they may distract the missionary from the Lord's work. Though this may seem like 2 unbearable years of torture, I have never met a missionary who said that he or she regretted going on a mission. For this reason, I am excited to go out into the mission field for 2 years and serve my Lord and Savior for two years.