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Hi I'm Brooke Bergstrom

I grew up in Riverton, Utah USA. I am going on a mission to Rancho Cucamonga, California. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in the bubble of Riverton... Which is another bubble inside of Utah. So I could say that I was a pretty sheltered child. I grew up close to family. My parents both are the youngest of 8 siblings and all of my extended family lives close by. You could say I was lucky growing up. I recently just finished my freshman year at Salt Lake Community College, where I played volleyball on a scholarship. I have always loved playing sports, having fun and just being active. I love service and travel. In 2014 I went on a humanitarian trip teaching the orphans in the Himilayas of India, English. One day I wish to backpack the world, or turn my career into something to do with travel because I love learning and enveloping myself into different cultures, and seeing the beauty of the world. If there is anything that I love above travel, it would have to be food. Either my aunt or my uncle told me once, 'wherever you go, don't buy a souvenir, buy food. You can connect places with taste and remember the experience with food better than you can with something you would throw away in the near future.' That statement goes along with my life motto: Live in the moment. We waste so much time worrying about the future that we fail to experience life day by day. The little things matter the most, and that's what drives me to make the most out of every experience. I have been called to serve to the Rancho Cucamonga, California mission and could not be more excited to go!

Why I am a Mormon

I have said before that growing up I was in a bubble. And by that I mean a religious, sheltered bubble. I knew nothing more than to do what is right, ,go to church on Sunday, and be obedient throughout the week. The gospel is simple, and so when I was growing up, I didn't really question my standards or my beliefs because that's just what I did, and what everyone around me did. Once I moved to college, I got to experience what it was like to get out and experience the world for myself. I moved out of my bubble and was exposed to a much different way of life, surrounded by people who weren't on the same page with their standards and beliefs as I was. At first it was easy to say no and to defend myself... but then it got easier to question my decisions. I just wanted to have fun, and that became my priority over my beliefs. It was a steady decline, and one day I noticed that something was off. I started to realize that I wasn't happy, and that I was short-tempered, but I couldn't figure out why. I felt like I didn't have direction in my life and that I was stuck. Until I realized that I had let the gospel slip out of my life. I got back on track and found that as soon as I had made my decision to commit to doing what was right again, I felt much happier. I received a sense of direction and a new found joy in my life that was missing before. Because of the feeling I get through the gospel, I have decided to dedicate 18 months of my life in the service of the Lord, bringing the same joy I feel from the gospel to others.Christ is the light in my life and because of Him, I know that there is life after death. I know that I will be able to live with my Heavenly Father again because Christ atoned for the sins of the world. I know that our prophet, President Thomas S. Monson has been called of God, and is the true prophet of this church. Though him we receive direction from the Lord. Through the teachings of the gospel I have true joy. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

How I live my faith

I grew up in the church. I went every Sunday with my family, and throughout the week we would have church activities either with the ward or activities based on age group. I was actively involved in the ward and I even had callings in the youth group called Young Womens, which is between the age group of 12-18. We would meet and do activities every Wednesday with our group, and sometimes we would combine with the boys in our ward in the same age group. I got to keep up with the gospel every other day in High School because I attended and participated in Seminary, our religious class, that was like Sunday School in the middle of the week. We also had a Pioneer Trek when I was 14. That basically gave us the experience of the Pioneers crossing the plains, carrying handcarts. We got to live out of a bucket, square dance and do other pioneer games, it was a lot of fun. When I moved out of my house I had callings in my new ward. I got to be in charge of a lot of activities. Now that I am 19, I have chosen to serve an LDS mission. I go to Rancho Cucamonga, California to devote 18 months of my life preaching the gospel. Serving a mission and having callings, planning and participating in community and ward activities often is awesome, but the way that I really show and live my faith is by doing the simple things everyday. Every day I take the opportunity to pray to my Heavenly Father, and talk to him about issues or decisions that I want to make, and thank him for the blessings that I receive daily. I also take the advantage to learn more about the gospel everyday by reading my scriptures, but mainly the Book of Mormon, which is another testament of Jesus Christ's life and example on Earth. I do these things because they bring me joy, and they help me live righteously and mainly they bring me joy. Because I am involved and because I do the little things daily, I am happy. And that is what the gospel of Jesus Christ is about.