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Hi I'm Brittainy

I grew up in Arizona, and have a large and wonderful family. I love working hard, I'm a beekeeper and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love working outside and I love doing things with my hands. Gardening, art, dancing, sports, digging, yard work, building things, working on cars, you name it and I'll want to try it. To me it isn't as much about how good you are at something, as how hard you try. The more effort you put in, the more you are able to achieve and in my opinion, if you don't like doing something, then don't do it. I love the sense of accomplishment that comes with working hard which is why I love to try so many things. I'm not afraid of failing because failure is just a learning experience in disguise. There are many things that I try that I find I'm pretty good at but I have had plenty of experiences with failure. For example, I have no talent for racket ball. I've tried to learn but I just am no good at it. That doesn't keep me from playing and you'd better believe that I am going to try my best to beat the pants off of whoever I am playing. In the end though, I don't care about winning or loosing, I just love to play the game. Life is the same way. You may not enjoy every trial you face in life but if you push forward with a good attitude, you find that you enjoy the journey.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a daughter of God, I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I will not deny it. I know God loves me and I know that the gospel, or the teachings of Jesus Christ, bless my life. I have not lived on this earth for very long and yet I have had enough experiences where I have received help or strength in times of trial that I know that God loves me very personally. I grew up in the church but there is a point in everybody's life where they have to decide what they are going to believe, do or work towards. That point came in my life and suddenly, I realized that I wasn't sure. The questions came: "Do I believe in the church? Do I believe in the Gospel? Do I even believe in God? Do I even want to believe?" an so on. Everything that I was once sure of came into question. But there was one thing I that I knew of for sure and that was that I loved my family and I wanted to be with them for forever. That knowledge led me to pray and read my scriptures more than I ever had before. The answer did not come right away, nor did it come all at once. It was not a sudden light-bulb moment and it took a ton of effort. However, over time, I came to realize that I knew the gospel is true and that through the knowledge the gospel contains, that i can be with my family for forever. I remembered everything I had stubbornly chosen to forget; all the prayers answered, all the blessings received and all of the tender mercies the Lord had given me. So why am I a Mormon? I am a Mormon because I love my family. I am a Mormon because I love my Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ. I am a Mormon because I know that this gospel is true, and that by living the gospel, I have received the most peace, joy and blessings than I ever have by any other means. I know that I am still going to face challenges, and life is still going to be hard, but I have the faith to overcome whatever the obstacle because I know that the Lord is with me supporting me every step of the way.

How I live my faith

To me, faith is more than just sitting on my cushy backside all day waiting for something to happen. It requires acting. In the course of our lives, every once in a while, the work gets to be easy but most often it's just downright hard. I am currently serving as a full-time missionary for my church in California. Missionary work is really hard work but it is so rewarding. Every day I go out wanting to serve the Lord and every day I come back exhausted and yet happy. Yes I get doors slammed in my face, yes I get rude people that take their anger out on me and yes, I constantly have people questioning everything I know to be true and hold sacred but I get too choose whether or not that affects me. I know it is possible to maintain a testimony even when others are trying to pull me down. I have faith, because I live my faith. I do what I know to be right even when it isn't popular, even when people make fun of me and even when the adversary makes it hard. I live my faith my helping and serving those around me, I live my faith my teaching others about the gospel and about Jesus Christ but most importantly, I live my faith my being an example of Christ. I want to live my life in such a way that others can come to know Christ by knowing me. That doesn't mean I'm perfect and that doesn't mean that I am not going to make mistakes. I means that I press forward with a "Steadfast faith in Christ", believing that because He paid the price for my sins, I can be clean and pure. That I can start every day like it's a new day and I can become better until one day I become like Him.