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Hi I'm Rachelle Huber

I love people. I love the mountains. I love the Savior. I'm a nurse. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Hi! I'm Rachelle. I grew up in a small town in Northern Utah that is surrounded by mountains. I love going on hikes, trail runs, or mountain biking up in the mountains, but I love doing anything outdoors. I also love spending time with family and friends. If I'm outside and get to interact with people, I am a happy girl. But I try to be a happy girl no matter what. After I graduated from high school, I moved to Idaho where I completed my nursing degrees. I've been working at a hospital for a while, but in August of 2015, I will embark to serve the Lord full time! I've been called to be the mission nurse specialist in the Bolivia Santa Cruz mission, and I'm so excited!

Why I am a Mormon

I've chosen to be a Mormon because it makes me happy. Although I grew up in the church, I have had to experience true conversion on my own, and that conversion continues. There have been times where I've questioned aspects of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, but I've taken those doubts and concerns to the Lord in prayer, and I've searched for answers in the scriptures and words of living apostles and prophets. I can testify that the principles taught in this Church are true, and that God answers prayers. Living the standards of the church makes me happy, and it helps me become so much better than I ever could on my own.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by striving to do the little things each day that bring me closer to Jesus Christ. I say prayers morning, evening, and prayers in my heart all throughout the day. I read and study my scriptures, and learn more of my Savior through the words of prophets. I pay my tithing, and I try to live in a way that others can see the light and happiness that living the gospel brings me. I love attending church every week! There are times as a nurse that I would go to church at 8:00am after working a long night shift, but attending church is always, always worth it...no matter the sacrifice or lack of sleep. Right now I've been called to help in the Young Women's program, and this summer I will be the Girls' Camp Cook and Nurse before I leave on my mission.

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

Rachelle Huber
For me, I feel strong evidence that there is a God when I am amidst His creations. Whether I'm hiking in the mountains, driving through the canyon, swimming in a lake, or looking up at the stars, I feel that the creations on this earth truly denote that there is a loving God, who created this earth for us. The only way my mind can fathom that all of the ecosystems and life on this earth could interact and function is if it was all created by God. I've also found that just as intricate details of creations on earth testify of God, the same could be said of the intricate details of my life. There have been moments in my life where I have desperately needed divine assistance, and have received blessings and help that I feel could only come from God. Miracles still occur, and the tender mercies I've received in my daily live have shown me that God is real, and that He does know and love each of us, His children. Show more Show less

Why is it important for us to take care of our bodies? Why are our bodies called temples of God in the Bible?

Rachelle Huber
I believe that if we truly understood the miracle and gift of our bodies, we would treat them and think about them differently than the world tells us we should view our bodies. In Corinthians 3:16, Paul refers to our bodies as temples of God. This is because our bodies house our spirits. I've learned that our bodies and our spirits are quite interconnected, and that I am happiest when I feed and nourish both. It's important to exercise, eat healthy food, and refrain from harmful substances and gluttony, but these principles aren't just so our bodies can be healthy-I think it directly influences our spirits as well. Likewise, I feel better when I feed my spirit by studying the words of God through the scriptures, and communing with God through prayer. I think it is only by treating our bodies and spirits with care that we can reach our full potential as children of God. Show more Show less