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Hi I'm Brian

I come from the UK, now living in the UAE (United Arab Emirates), I grew up as a mormon and want to share my story a little

About Me

I am single. A passionate designer, music writer, artist (in my spare time) and practice architecture for a living. I now live in the hot United Arab Emirates where I work as an architect. I have three young children in the UK who live with my ex wife (now re married). In my life I have both been an active mormon and for a ten year period, a less active mormon. I guess a significant part of my storey, is how did I find my way back?

Why I am a Mormon

Though I grew up as a mormon, I by no means just accepted it as I went through all the stages of growing up as a mormon in traditional fashion, quite the opposite. I will say, I always felt the spirit when I was young and felt the presence of God in a special way and knew he had his hand over me and over the church as I would see new people come in a grow miraculously it seemed. As a youth, I did not relate to many other LDS youth in ways at the time, most of my friends were not church members. In short my world was more away from the church than it it. During my youth and twenties, I looked at many faiths including Jehovah Witnesses, Baptist, Evangelical,Catholic, C of E, Hinduisim and Hare krishna and others and though I met many good people in these faiths whom I respected, I did not feel the spirit there as strongly. Towards my late 20's things happened in my life through a relationship, I found myself walking back through church doors, only this time, older and in search of 'true happiness'. True happiness, it seemed turned to true pain as my whole world seemed to tip upside down. Everything I had had and enjoyed - my study, my love life, my general feeling of personal happiness, it felt became decimated, the door was open for me to leave church and a curse that seemed to have come upon me in coming back. But having felt some 'true happiness' before the true pain, I decided this time, not to drift away, but instead to find my place with God, to put my life in order and hopefully to find true happiness. This commenced a long struggle particularly with people who would not take me seriously it felt. Being at church on the surface, did not appeal either to me as a youngster, but I knew God wanted me there. I had to struggle my way back in and still have that struggle in some ways today, but through it, unlike all my less active brothers and sisters, father, I work with God every day and know through experience, I am a mormon because it is God's church.

How I live my faith

Living my faith for me, can only centre around my relationship with God, who I speak to daily and who I constantly ask for help from for my family, for loved ones and for people in the world. Practically, I try and show him respect by serving him in whatever capacity or detail I am asked to. After my divorce, I took a conscious deciision, rather than allow negativity to creep in should it wish to, that I would instead always say yes to God in any assignment / duty and so I do. At church, I have served in many capacities, from teaching small children in the church's primary organisation, to serving as a bishopric councillor (an assistant bishop in effect). also I have led youth, been a missionary coordinator, Elders quorum councillor, facilities representative. Presently,I serve as a singles representative. Outside of the church setting, I try and befriend those I feel our genuine and try and help people if I can, sometimes emotionally, sometimes even financially if i feel right about it, however I feel moved upon by the spirit. I see it all as doing God's work.