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Hi I'm Lindsey

I study genetics. I love languages. I'm going on an 18-month mission to Tokyo! I'm a Mormon, and I love it.

About Me

I am one of five daughters. I love my parents-- they are amazing examples, and my best friends. My dad is active duty in the Air Force, so I've had the opportunity to move across the United States and visit a lot of the world. I also love my extended family, and it is my personal belief that heaven will be really similar to Sunday night dinners at my grandparent's house. I have inherited so many loves from my family-- music, dark chocolate, running, poetry, languages, deep conversations. I also have a HUGE love for biology. I sincerely think it is incredibly and breath-takingly beautiful. Like, imagine the beauty of the cosmos, and then imagine zooming in 10,000 times to see something an octillionth of that size, and finding it is equally as stunning. That is how I see DNA, and I plan to be a life-long student of its beauty. Currently I am studying genetics, and after I graduate with my Bachelor's, I hope to get a Ph.D. in Cancer Biology or Molecular Genetics. After that, I'd love to teach or research or both. My other life-long goals include walking El Camino de Santiago, reading Les Miserables in French, learning Russian, creating a marriage as wonderful as my parents', and curing cancer. (Not joking.)

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised by incredible parents who humbly raised me in the gospel. I grew up going to church every Sunday, reading the scriptures as a family and by myself, learning little by little what Christ taught and how to live it. I had very few doubts; in childlike faith, I trusted that parents and leaders who loved me and taught me true doctrines. This was until my freshman and sophomore years of high school, which were reigned by an eating disorder. During this time, I didn't have the courage to reach for God. I continued to attend church and read scriptures, but couldn't feel anything besides constant depression and frustration. I lost my faith in God. I couldn't fathom a way to believe in Him if He was light and all I saw was darkness. At one point, I confided to my cousin that I didn't believe in God, and didn't know if I even wanted to believe in God. She lovingly asked me if I wanted to want to believe in God. I said, I didn't know, it was too frightening, I couldn't do it. She said, yes, it is frightening, and it might take time, but I can choose to want to believe in God. And would I please try? she asked. In response to my cousin's faith and pleadings, I began reading scriptures with the intent to want to believe. And I began to see a couple glimpses of light. The first was that I was happier when I read the scriptures. The second, an example of happiness and goodness in a girl in my church youth program. These gave me hope. Confirmation that this hope was true did not come for several months, and when it came, it came not as a heavenly messenger or miraculous healing, but as an outpouring of love from the heavens. I learned with surety that God loves me. Since that day, I have continued to seek and to find God's love for me. That is why I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: because I believe that God loves us, that He shows us that love by giving us a true and living church, and that I too can learn to love His children.

How I live my faith

I believe the highest realization of faith is love, and so more than anything, I do my best to love others, always. Love, though it may sound theoretical, is definitely an action word to me. It means doing dishes for my roommates, writing letters to my friends, tutoring calculus, taking a friend out to dinner. I haven't done any single amazing act of service in my life but I hope to use my talents and education to serve thousands and hopefully tens of thousands. I also live my faith by learning about God. It may sound contradictory that faith is increased by knowledge, especially in a scientific context where we seem to have "explained away God", but as the apostle Paul teaches, faith is evidence of unseen things. So, I seek for more evidence through reading scriptures, listening to the words of a living prophet, and finding grace in everyday life in order to know better the character of God.