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Hi I'm Robert

I'm involved with ground breaking, alternative, solar, bio-mass energy that can make a big difference in many lives. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in a small town in Wisconsin with no (known) influence or knowledge of the LDS church. I enjoyed many sports and excelled in snow, alpine skiing and was state champ 2 years and then earned scholarships at the University of Denver and Wyoming (skiing & tennis). My younger brother found and joined the church his freshman year at Madison and introduced me. Everything about the church seemed to make sense and felt very good, true, REAL - meaningful. My last year at Wyoming I attended the institute and joined the church there. In the Spring - end of that school year I was called to go on a mission (by the spirit). I then found a job with Mt. Bell Telephone Co., Cheyenne, worked for a year, saved up enough and was called to serve in Argentina.

Why I am a Mormon

It is all true and of greatest benefit to myself and the world. God is the source of all good and truth - knowledge, talents, wisdom, virtue, life, and this is His church and the best way to get close to Him. Everyone can know of this for themselves. This is the only church that is organized as Christ's church of old was, and can promise to everyone that they can receive this and all knowledge, testimony and blessings. Everyone can and needs to learn for themselves - by inspiration / revelation - just as all who already have and just assuredly as the sun comes up each day. And this is the ONLY way. It cannot be proven intellectually / scientifically. This life is amazingly, perfectly, intentionally designed this way - so that we have to exercise and demonstrate our faith in order TO KNOW THE TRUTH and value of this church, the gospel, God and everything and to progress. In order to know it and benefit, you have to live it. And as one does, everything is revealed - line upon line, step by step. And the rewards / blessings are and will always become greater than any sacrifice / work / contribution. It is all about faith, trust, character, integrity, virtue, etc. And with the extreme corruption in the world today, it is essentially impossible to live this life in the most beneficial, meaningful, fruitful, fulfilling, happy way without the church - its principles, doctrine, ordinances, spirit, people, service, etc.

How I live my faith

I study the scriptures (tho not nearly as much as I should). I always attend church and feel inspired and uplifted from the spirit every single Sunday. I pray and am always mindful of the Lord and try to consider what His perspective would be in most of everything that I do.

What is the Atonement of Jesus Christ? Why was it necessary for Jesus Christ to sacrifice His life?

I think that if it were not for Christ's atonement (and God's influence) the whole world (everyone and everything, and probably in the universe) would continually degrade in every way - to where selfishness, fear, hatred, evil would rule and consume everything. There would be no escape - no power to deal with or escape from the influence of evil. Emptiness, darkness, coldness, evil would reign and consume everything. Light, beauty, and life could not survive, and without God there would likely be no life at all. And this is the being and influence which we owe our existence to, that much of the world spends their time trying to ignore, and/or discredit, and even fight against. It is amazing. Show more Show less