What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Mike

I was raised in Denver, worked as a fence-builder and jerky seller, and am serving my mission in the Yakima Washington mission!

About Me

I'm more of a small-town type of guy. Before my high school career, I was living in the Southern Utah valley lands. There, highways weaved and cut through the rough stone, red rock, and white cliffs. The folks there knew how to live off their own hands. Every winter we'd pray for snow, and midway through we'd pray for it to melt. Every time we'd pray for rain, it would usually come on the next outdoor gathering we had. But that was then, and today is now. I am a student, a senior in high school specifically. After I graduate, I'm serving as a missionary in a two-transfer mission in the Nevada Las Vegas mission. When I'm done serving, I am planning on attending BYU-Idaho to study Biology and Human Biology. I wish to become a surgeon, and this is my better-safe-than-sorry career plan. My risk-everything-because-it's-my-dream career plan would be a narrator, an author, or a voice actor. I play the viola, a little harmonica, and I whistle often too! I also make beef-jerky, dang good beef jerky as a matter of fact. I like to fish, go shooting, make cookies, or just improvise my time. I've been a member of the LDS church my whole life.

Why I am a Mormon

I am Mormon for a variety of reasons. I suppose you could argue that I was born into the church, and that's true, but it's not the only reason. Rather, I am Mormon because it gives something in my life that seems to be wayfaring in today's world: Spiritual meaning, backed by sincere spirit and testimony. This same spirit gives me comfort in the world today. In a time where it seems the light of good is dying down and the morals of society are diminishing, the church gives me something to stand firm with. It's not easy to carry the morals that I follow, in fact, it's not easy for anybody to stand for faith and morals of any type these days. But the Holy Spirit that I've felt in following the Lord's commandments have anchored me to what is truly good in these days of mortality, and has made all the struggle worth it. And it will always be worth it. The Savior loves us all, and with the love of the Supreme Creator at our side, then why should we worry or fear? To know that in the end, everyone who chose his side will be happy, that is great. But to have the knowledge that even in death we will have the opportunity to draw closer to him, then that is also wonderful. The church gives me comfort, it gives me assurance, it gives me a sense of duty, and patriotism as well. Through it, I have come to feel of the Holy Spirit, and I know that this is the same church the Savior began on the Earth, restored in it's original glory. God has given us prophets to follow during this lifetime, and that Joseph Smith, a boy who worked the plow, was called to restore this faith. And through the work of God and his servants, we have his doctrine of the Bible and the Book of Mormon to call upon. We are all humans, imperfect and slow of speech. But by the power of Christ's atoning sacrifice, we are made better, and we all can return to him through faith to his words and his prophet, and the desire to put off our natural man. And that is truly beautiful.

How I live my faith

Community wise, I just do my best to set myself as an example. Part of my school life is being a Senior Cadet Officer in a JROTC cadet staff for the local unit. Me and another LDS guy are the only members on the team, and it's not terribly uncommon for our fellow co-workers to poke fun at our stances on morals, marriage, and family. We shrug it off, and defend what we know to be true. Besides, no need to get worked up by words, we were all there to work. On that note, I have also had the opportunity to run community service projects for the said unit this past year, and it was really nice to have the satisfaction of community service coincide with a faithful feeling of commitment to service. Whenever people ask me what I plan to do after high school, I make it a point to mention my mission call. If they wanted to hear more concerning it, I would explain it to them. These are often nice experiences, and it feels good to share what makes me feel warm at heart with other people. In my church life, I have the authority to break and bless the sacramental bread and water. These opportunities are sacred and special to me as it allows me to contemplate the atoning sacrifice of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I do not know where'd I be without it. I also participate in home-teaching with my Dad to other wonderful families within our ward.

What is the Law of Chastity?

The Law of Chastity is the law given by God concerning sexual relationships between couples. In a general sense, God commands us to abstain from sexual practices before marriage, and to remain absolutely loyal to your spouse after marriage. In a way, it's a matter of long-term happiness vs. short-term pleasure. Those who discipline themselves (of any faith or background) to withhold sexual action before marriage avoid the serious consequences of the opposite action. They also guarantee a stronger marriage relationship with their future spouse, and develop the grit to remain loyal to their betrothed. It's not easy, particularly in today's world, but it's not like anything worth achieving was ever easily obtained. Another way to look at the Law of Chastity is like one would look at one of their greatest gifts. Let me put it to you like this; I would love to have a blue Ferrari 458 Italia, and let's say that one day, God parked one on my driveway, tax-free. What a deal! Then let's say that I drove it out onto the highway and purposefully tailgated a semi, only to have the trucker slam on his brakes, I rear-end him, and die. So it is with the procreative powers God has given to us. He only gives us the warning not to abuse them, and to not take the risk in the first place. The power to produce life is truly beautiful and sacred, but using it outside of matrimony is sending a message to God that we choose not to control out desires. Obedience always brings tranquility. Show more Show less