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Hi I'm Jeremy

I grew up in California. I am serving a mission in Tonga. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Hi, my name is Jeremy. I am currently working fresh out of high school at a minimum-wage job. When I am not busy working, I love to play board games, watch movies, and be with friends and family. Up until recently, my life was fairly ordinary. However, I have recently been called to serve a mission in the Tongan islands. I am pale, skinny, and basically the physical opposite of the average Tongan, and I anticipate a good deal of culture shock when I arrive in the islands. From the few Tongans that I know and from what I have heard, the Tongans are an incredibly humble, laid-back culture, and I am excited to learn from them! I am counting down the days until I can go and help the awesome Tongan people.

Why I am a Mormon

The main reason I am Mormon is because I was born and raised in the Church. This does not, however, mean that I have always had perfect faith. There have been times in my life where I have questioned the validity of the Church. With so many different beliefs and theories in the world, I have often found myself confused and unsure. However, I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, and because of this, Joseph Smith must have been a prophet and the church must be true today. There is no way that a man could, even in ten lifetimes, make up the beautiful, insightful, and touching scriptures that make up the Book of Mormon, let alone have the work done at the young age of 24. The only explanation is that Joseph Smith was being guided by our loving Heavenly Father.

How I live my faith

On the surface, being a Mormon may appear like it is a demanding, difficult walk of life, with most members of the church receiving various service assignments. While it is true that our work can seem demanding at times, I have learned to be grateful for these opportunities to serve and help others. There is no better, purer feeling of joy than when you lose yourself in the service of your neighbor. Currently, I am serving as a family history consultant. My calling includes teaching and learning how to perform family history research. It is so rewarding to learn about our ancestors, and gives me a greater sense of who I am, and where I come from. The most important way, however, that I live my faith is by striving to become a better, more Christ-like person. I make a heck of a lot of mistakes, but by reading from the Bible and Book of Mormon and by praying regularly, I know that I can improve myself daily.

What do Mormons believe about the Bible? Do they regard it as Holy Scripture and the word of God?

Mormons do regard the Bible as Holy Scripture and the word of God. I have read both the New Testament and Book of Mormon, and love them equally. I love that the Bible focuses so much on the ministry of the Savior and his teachings. The Book of Mormon is also a testament of Christ, and nothing in the two books contradict each other. Rather, the two books work together to edify those who read, I can feel the same spirit in both books when I read prayerfully. The Book of Mormon is sometimes more emphasized by church members, but that is only because the Book of Mormon differentiates us from other Christian churches. The powerful, true, and uplifting teachings of the Book of Mormon is the greatest evidence that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Saints is truly the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Although I love the teachings of both the Book of Mormon and the Bible, and study both books often, I have a special love in the Book of Mormon. It was from reading the inspired teachings that I knew of assuredly that this gospel is true. If you read the Book of Mormon prayerfully, along with the Bible, I promise that you will feel the same way. The two books are one in purpose--- both bearing witness of Jesus Christ and His Atonement. Show more Show less