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Hi I'm Robert Thomas Barker

I have grown up in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I'm serving a mission in Oklahoma City and loving life!

About Me

I am currently serving a LDS mission in Oklahoma. When I come back I am planning on going to school and go into Bio-Medical engineering and eventually go into making prosthetics. I have a firm testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I grew up in Orem, Utah and had great examples around me. From my parents to great teachers. I love to ski, play soccer, go on hikes, mt. bike, dirt bike, camping, anything that is outside where we can enjoy Gods beautiful world.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I believe it is the fullness of the gospel. I live it because I love what it teaches us and what we can learn from it. It teaches us how we can live with our family for all of time and eternity. From living this faith it allows us to be free. Freedom is to have nothing holding you back. We dont get freedom by doing whatever we want whenever we want. We get it by living Gods commandments so we can be free to have no addictions holding us back from being able to have our full agency. Agency is true freedom. Having a purpose in life, is the key to living a good life. The church is great in showing that. You are happy because you know why you are here on earth, where you are going after and where you came from even! Knowing where you are going and what you can become in the next life makes you want to be better, to read scriptures a little bit more, pray a little longer, all in all be better spiritually. By following promptings of the Holy Ghost he can lead you to do many great things in the name of God. God knows each of us and desires to give us blessings. As we seek after Him, He will seek after us. We can all follow the example set by our Savior Jesus Christ and be a little bit more like Him. He was the Perfect example, why shouldnt we follow Him?

How I live my faith

I am called to serve a full time mission in Oklahoma, but every day am striving to become more like my Savior Jesus Christ. Showing your faith in Him is a life-long commitment. Every day we can make small corrections in our life to become something, or someone by the end of our mortal lives. We can do this by following our Saviors example. Reading the Scriptures is a key way to come closer unto Him. From reading his holy writ we can invite the Spirit to come into our lives and touch us so we can know what is true. He gave us the scriptures for a reason. Since the beginning of time God has loved the world so much that he gave us prophets. Those who speak with God and can lead the people and show them the way back to Him. By learning about people of old we can relate it to ourselves. We can show our love to God by showing our love for the words He has given us.

What do Mormons believe concerning the doctrine of grace?

Robert Thomas Barker
Without Grace, none of us would be saved. We are all sinners in this world because we all make mistakes. We are only human. However we know that "no unclean thing can enter into his kingdom"-3 Nephi 27:19. So we had to have a Savior. He literally saves us from perishing. Without Him none of us could return to God in His kingdom. However, we cant just rely on His grace. We have a part to do. God gave us commandments so we could follow them and return to Him again. In the New Testament it says "that faith without works is dead" -James 2:20 Through Christ we can be forgiven of our sins. But we have to do our part in repenting for them. God wants us all to come back to Him. He is the Father of all mankind. He loves us so so much that He gave us a second chance to return to Him. By sending the only Begotten Son to Atone for our sins, and our sadness. We should do all we can to show our love for our Savior and Redeemer. For all that He did for us and all that He continues to do. He bridged the gap between Heaven and earth so we can come back to our Heavenly Father. He did this all by his Grace and Mercy. Show more Show less