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Hi I'm Romney Harker

I grew up in Syracuse, Utah. I love sports and the gospel. I could live without sports but not the gospel.

About Me

My family consists of my dad and mom, older sister, me, three younger sisters (the younger two are adopted), along with my brother. He brings a unique story to my life because he is an adopted orphan from China and we later found out that he is deaf and autistic. Having him become a member of my family has taught be many valuable lessons that I otherwise would not have acquired. We also just got a dog. Anyway, from the youngest age I have loved playing sports, which is all that my family does. Particularly soccer. Because of the size of my family each sibling has found their chosen sport and mine is soccer. I have played all my life, from recreation to high level competition premiere and to high school varsity all four years. From playing soccer I was offered the opportunity to kick for the football team. Kicking for the high school was one of the best decisions in my life. Not only was it fun but it opened up new doors including meeting new friends and forming relationships. My junior year I was nominated 1st team all-state and my senior year 2nd team all-state including academic all-state, which I also got for soccer. I am hopefully planning on kicking at Utah State University when I get back from my mission. I leave to the Provo MTC July 15th learning Malay because I'm going to Singapore! Im super excited to go and serve!

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because the gospel makes me a better person. So often the gospel is referred to a spiritual sense, and of course it should because it is, but I like to analysis it in the perspective of the temporal world as well. This life is test and so as humans we have to make it through the temporal world with the spiritual world included, or vice versa, so both of them are very important. From principles we have learned in the gospel such as honesty, hard work, and faith those apply to daily occurrences. Specifically school, if you are honest and work hard then it is easy to have faith that everything will turn out all right and you will get a good score on the test resulting in a good grade. Temporal things might be easier to see the consequences of choices because the results are more visible and spiritual things might not be as much. However spiritual things are more important. They shape the kind of person we become affecting everything and everyone around us. From personal experiences I have gained a strong testimony and I work at making it stronger. I know that Christ lives. From looking seeing the miracles in my life and the simpler beauties of the world such as weather to more complex aspects as the human body there is no way that I could deny the existence of God. His plan is perfect, which makes us perfect. Through Christ we have the hope and the vision to make it back to Him and become like Him. Be humble and repent. The atonement is real. I do not fully understand it completely and I don't think anyone possibly can but act on what you do know. Keep working hard and pushing yourself beyond what you think you could to become better and I testify and life will bring you the best. Trust in Christ and He will bless you.

How I live my faith

I was born into the gospel and I have been raised up in it with faithful and active parents who have greatly influenced me and my siblings. I was baptized when I was eight, was ordained the Aaronic priesthood when is was twelve, and so on. As a deacon I was called to be the quorum president, including part of my years as a teacher. I am now currently a priest and first advisor to the bishop. From these great leadership opportunities I have learned a lot of great things; how to reach out to others, speak openly about the gospel, and learn many other things. Even through all those things I have learned one of the most important things I that I still have a lot to learn. I am not perfect. I try hard to be, but I fail... a lot. At times it is difficult because everyone expects you to be perfect and I expect the same from myself but it is not easy. Keep on trying and do the best that you can. I live my faith my reading my scriptures and praying every day, always go to seminary, and living the churches standards. However there is still room for improvement in each of those categories and I think that is the biggest part of how I live my faith. Is by persistently trying. In the April 2015 General Conference a great quote of give "A saint is a sinner who keeps on trying". This is what the gospel is about. Keep on trying. Reach for perfection and all righteous, although it is destined that you will mess up, Christ will make up the difference.