What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Mike Madeo

I grew up in Kansas and Arizona. My brother and I were raised in the Catholic Church and I joined the LDS Church in Winslow, AZ.

About Me

My wife and I are the parents of 5 daughters and 1 son. Four of our children are married and we have 12 grandchildren. I am retired after having spent 40 years as an educator; my wife spent most of her time in the home and loves home making skills. My hobby is family history and I spend much time doing that. I love my immediate family and am excited also when I can discover more information about my family past and present. We even took a dream trip recently to visit some extended family in Italy and then tour that beautiful country. It was a beautiful experience. We spend much of our time serving in the Church, visiting people in our ward and enjoying our experiences with them. A big part of our life is visiting our children and traveling to see our grandchildren participate in various activities. Retired life is much different than when we were younger and working, but I must admit that this time of our life has been full filling with family and Church activities. We are now excited to go on our mission to serve other people and bring to them what we can to make their lives more compete. We have received our assignment and as couple missionaries, we will go and just help others! As you get older, your life changes both physically as well as mentally, emotionally and socially. We have found that we are happiest when we are serving each other, our family and our neighbors. We have our ups and downs like most, but to be actively working helping others has brought us happiness!

Why I am a Mormon

My brother and I were raised in the Catholic Church. When I moved, I was introduced to the LDS Church my many youth and adults. A group of my friends would attend many of the different churches during the summer evenings for recreational activities. Dances were one of the many activities that the LDS Church sponsored, that were well organized, had fun music and dance instruction, plus the all important refreshments. I became involved in a drama activity called a road show and that involvement eventually led to weekly youth activities at the Church called Mutual. One Saturday evening, a girl invited me to attend a Sunday evening meeting and I agreed. I received permission and attended. During the meeting, members of the congregation stood and expressed their knowledge about spiritual matters. I impulsively stood and remarked that I would like to know for sure about spiritual things too! I began attending Sunday meetings and later went to early morning seminary during my junior and senior years of high school. My Sunday School teacher invited me to attend her Family Home Evening night and that was special. I went to my father finally and asked him to let me be baptized and he denied me that opportunity as he said I was doing it for the wrong reasons. He did allow me to continue attending as he could see that it was good for me. After my high school graduation, my father came to me and asked if I was still interested in joining the LDS Church. I said it was the desire of my heart. We had a baptism shortly after that at Clear Creek. There were many people who were involved in my conversion and it was fortunate as I look back on these experiences that I listened to these youth and adults as it has changed my life for the better. I have prayed to know if I should join the LDS Church and I was answered about 50 years ago that I should join. I did join and the LDS Church has become the center of my life and has given me positive direction ever since. You can know too!

How I live my faith

We are a retired couple and our lives have centered around the LDS Church all of our marriage and especially now. We both were married in the LDS Temple and we choose to raise our family in the LDS Church. We both have assignments presently to visit our neighbors monthly and we have found that these opportunities to visit turn into friendships that will last for a long time. We have visited other members of our assigned LDS family as long as we have been members of the Church. We are visited by others and this opportunity to be helped and to help others has enriched our lives. It seems as if we are not alone and we try to make sure that our neighbors feel the same way. Another Church assignment I have is to help men with their families in our LDS Ward. We meet often as a leadership to plan on how each family can be helped and we teach these fine husbands, fathers and grandfathers on Sunday and during the week to prepare them to full fill their family assignments better. My wife works with a group of 10-11 year old girls and teaches them many skills about growing up in this world; this assignment includes meeting with these young girls weekly in our home and doing all things that young girls this age like and need to do. My wife and I also serve in our LDS Temple as those who help attendees come and participate in the activities there. This service has been special to us and has allowed us to work together to do something that brings us great joy. Most of those who serve in the Temple are seasoned couples our age and this adds another dimension to our service. Many of these couples have experienced the same things in which we are now involved and we have good friends who share our same values and experiences. Our time there has been and will continue to be special to us both! We now are going on our Mission to serve others. This has been our goal for a long time. We have been assigned to go North Carolina where we will help people in a small town. We are excited!

What do Mormons believe about family?

Mike Madeo
The Family is one of the basic units that exist on this earth. The Family may consist of a mother, father and children. Sometimes the Family may not always have a mother, father and children. Regardless of what composes a Family, this unit has been organized by God to help all the members of this organization to have joy and happiness. Each member of The Family is to help others in the group to full fill their potential and to come closer to Jesus Christ and the happiness that only He can bring. We know that those who successfully participate in a Family have a greater likelihood of becoming individuals who will succeed in their own lives financially, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. In our society today, there are many sad examples of children coming from unsuccessful families who cannot seem to escape the poverty trap. There are those, who because of improper examples in their homes, suffer the uncertainty of mental illness. Others will never rise to the level they might have achieved, due to lack of proper educational direction. Some will have physical maladies due to lack of proper nutrition. Finally, the most debilitating result of an unsuccessful Family, is the lack of knowledge that we are all children of a Heavenly Father who loves us and wants us to succeed. We have the ability to achieve anything we want if we will work as if all depended on us and pray to our Father in Heaven. The Family can change the course of a child's life for the better! Show more Show less