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Hi I'm Washington Carlyle Pearce

Coming from Iowa in the US, I'm currently serving a mission in Concepción, Chile. I'm an actor, a writer, and I'm a Mormon

About Me

I enjoy talents. While I don't know if I've been given any in specific, I firmly believe in the adage that anyone can do anything and get good at it with enough will and enough work. I've employed this very principal in my writing, in my stagecraft, and now in my mission. I don't believe in a short and easy path. I first entered a stage when I was twelve years old, as part of a weeklong Childrens' Workshop. I quickly grew to love everything that is a theatre, firstly the lights, sounds and backstage ropes, then the Author and Director's roles, and then finally the life of an actor in high school. I started writing in 2014: some poetry, a bit of a novel, and many adventures in the world of Dungeons and Dragons. I intend to further my education down this path, specifically to teach theatre, and maybe write a little on the side. You see, I wasn't always very good at any of these things, and I'm far from fantastic now, but I enjoy them and want to help others develop the talents that they too have. My Family has been the largest influence in my life. I love my family, and know that my five brothers and parents love me (not to mention various grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins) and want the best for me. As the oldest of my siblings, I've often been the 'experiment kid.' I've also grown up with a lot of responsibility towards my little brothers and younger friends inside and outside of the Church. Many call me a leader, and I do my best to serve.

Why I am a Mormon

The short answer is because I enjoy it. But here's the longer answer as well. I was born into the Church, and was baptized when I was 8 years old. Practically all of my family are members. But that only explains why I started out Mormon. If I didn't have reasons to stay like this, I wouldn't be here. When I was 16 I decided that if I wanted to serve a mission, I had better know for myself if the Church was true and if I believed in it. I couldn't keep borrowing my parents' testimonies for my mission, and much less for the rest of my life. So I completed with all of the steps: I read the Book of Mormon, I knelt down and said my prayer, and I waited for an answer. And I waited a good while. Being an often very intellectually and logically minded person, I find it difficult to accept things, true or otherwise, without receiving a witness for myself. I told myself that I would know when my answer came: that I would hear a voice, or see an angel. In truth I was a little scared that the Church was true, because if I received a witness like that, I would have no other option than to leave for an unknown land to serve as a missionary. Joseph Smith found the beginning to his answer in the James 1:5. I found the beginning to mine in John 1:17, which says: If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself. I decided that my conviction hadn't been the very best. I had been waiting for an answer that wouldn't come just because I'd prayed and asked for it. My Heavenly Father knew that I would value my answer more if I worked to obtain it. So I did. I buried myself in service to my fellowman, studies of the scriptures, and activities and meetings of the Church. It was in the testimony meeting after a youth missionary activity in the spring of 2014 that I felt a peace and love indisputable by my head's reason. And from that day on, while my life and testimony haven't been perfect, I know that my Redeemer lives.

How I live my faith

While as I could simply say, "I live my faith by serving a mission for my Lord and the people of Chile," this would describe my title and calling, not the things that I personally do every day to really 'Live My Faith.' I live throughout my days looking for ways to better my connection with the my Savior and my God. I pray to find the will of God so that I can help myself stay more in tune with the guidance that He has for me. I study the Scriptures and participate in Church so that I may have a better understanding of my Savior, His sacrifice for us, the plan that God has created, and the life prepared for me after I die. Then I share what I know with family, friends, colleagues, compatriots, and even just the people I meet in the road. This is my definition of what it means to 'Live my Faith.' I search for the direction that I need, I procure the tools that I know that I will need, and then I put my boots on and go to work. And this can be applied just as much to physical needs and preparation as it can be those that are spiritual.