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Hi I'm Jeffrey Kern

Hi, I run for fun all through the year. I draw, I sing, and I build rockets. I also am a dancing construction worker and a Mormon!

About Me

I have been a lifelong runner. It helps to just get out and be free, with sun on your face and wind in your hair with a steady rhythm from your feet and a gratifying soreness in the legs as you keep going. I grew up in a big family. As the middle child of that large family I hold a special place. I am the bridge between the younger and older kids. In that position I was slightly overlooked as a child. I learned a lot of independence and observational skills because of that. With those skills I have been able to plot my own course as I search the scriptures and learn new truths, and help people as the Lord sees fit. I graduated in art with minors in dance and physics and I work in construction. I do what I enjoy and don't really need any correlation or synergy from one part of my life into another. Though do not get me wrong. I have fit everything into a unique world view. So there may not be much overlap to most people. I however do see the art in the physics and vice versa. Couple that with the unique world view to Mormons and it just gets that much more interesting. I am an ironman and wilderness runner. Those runs are so much more fun and fulfilling than pavement running. Through running, I have healing and peace as the Lord has worked through it to calm fears and ease worries. At times I even get to stop and marvel in the majestic beauty of the world around, a world He created for me.

Why I am a Mormon

When I confront this question face to face every once in awhile, a scripture comes to mind. It is one of maybe three scriptures I remember. In John 6 we find a number of people decide to no longer follow after the Lord. 66 From that time many of his disciples went back, and walked no more with him. 67 Then said Jesus unto the twelve, Will ye also go away? 68 Then Simon Peter answered him, Lord, to whom shall we go? thou hast the words of eternal life. 69 And we believe and are sure that thou art that Christ, the Son of the living God. Where else would I go? I was raised by good parents that taught me well. They taught me all they knew about the gospel of Christ and more importantly that it was true. With a solid work ethic that they instilled in us kids we learned to push through the hard times and remain true to the faith. As I remain true and overcome trials in life and of faith. The amazing thing I have learned through the years of struggling with the "why" is this. It does not matter what I believe or don't believe. Truth will always be truth, and error will always be error, and sin will always be sin. There is nothing we can do to change them. We can not make them go away no matter how much we may ignore them or may even disagree with them. And the truth is this, if I want true peace and happiness in my life I must follow the teachings and gospel of Christ as found in this church. I am a mormon because there is simply nowhere else to go, that can or does make that promise. There is a life after this one just as there was a life before. The choices we make here do affect the next. But even if we have sinned greatly or not so greatly, Jesus the Christ is there to make it all better, if we but will believe in Him and follow His gospel! Some of it may not make sense yet, but try to believe. And if you don't believe in God, believe in His son Jesus Christ, our loving Savior!

How I live my faith

I live my faith everyday. It is who I am. I believe the truths and principles found in the gospel of Jesus Christ so fiercely that I could not live my life acting otherwise. I live my faith everyday by thinking about God and all of His mysteries. I pray to Him regularly. I study his word as given by the prophets of old and modern ones. It really is fun to get to know God a little more day by day as you study His word and by direct correlation Him. I choose all the time to stay away from most forms of media, so that I can keep my thoughts clean and pure and directed towards God. Because of this though I don't catch a lot of my friends dirty jokes, and instead steer conversations to better topics. It is so much easier to keep good, and happy thoughts when the outside world is not polluting your mind. And with a free, and unpolluted mind I am free to think other things without obsessing on the dark things of the world. Friends have noticed in the past and commented that I am "different". I believe it is my religion showing through in all that I am, even when they can't pin-point what it is that they see different in me. I know God is the Father of my spirit. As such I act like he would want me to. I treat others with the utmost respect. I strive to be and do the best in all that I do. I know I will never be world-class in most of what I do, but I still strive to do my best. I focus on the needs of others and not my wants. God takes care of my needs plenty well, as such I try to return the favor by being the means He uses to take care of the needs of those around me. I feel like that is a part of what my friends see in me. An unwavering and unconquerable faith in God and a drive to do what it right when everything around us shouts constantly to do otherwise. So in living my faith, I go to church, love my neighbor, serve my God, serve my neighbor, and strive to do and be my best constantly. I live my faith by Believing with my whole heart and soul.