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Hi I'm Bob

I was born in Idaho, but mainly grew up Roosevelt, Utah. Went on a mission as a young man. Graduated from college, etc.

About Me

Mainly grew up in Roosevelt, Utah. Loved hiking and fishing in the Uintah mountains near there. Went to BYU for two years and then on a mission to the Western States--mainly Colorado and New Mexico. Came back and went to Utah State and graduated with a math/physics degree. Taught school for a couple of years and then went to work at Hill Air Force base in the computer department working on projects that usually required math background. Met my wife at a seminary dance got married about six months later in June of 1967. We had six children and we now have six grand children. Got involved in the car wash business and quit working at Hill Field after 20 years. I built two car washes and finally sold them to my son Lex in 2006. We then went on a mission to Russia.

Why I am a Mormon

My parents were Mormon but only semi active. I went to church most of the time when I was young and I felt good about it and believed what I heard but I didn't have a real strong spiritual feeling. In my early teen age years I felt like I needed to have a stronger feeling about the church and its teachings. Several times the scripture found in Book of Mormon, Moroni chapter 4, verse 5 had been pointed out to me. It essentially says that if you will sincerely read the Book of Mormon and pray about it that you will know it is the word of God. I decided to put that promise to the test. For about two months or more I got up about a half hour before anyone else in the family and read the Book of Mormon and prayed about it. The spirit touched my heart and I knew it was true without a shadow of doubt. Since that time I have had many spiritual experiences which have confirmed the validity and truthfulness of the Mormon church and its teachings. A few times I have had words put in my mouth that came from a source other than my own. I have had feelings when helping and doing things for others that cannot be explained except that they came from God.

How I live my faith

I was involved in scouting for many years and was a scout master for most of those years. It was challenging but very rewarding to help those young kids in the scouting program. I watched them grow and develop as they participated in scouting projects, went to summer camps, winter camp outs etc. It required a lot of time and effort on my part but it was worth it as I watched the change and growth in those young boys . And now for the most rewarding part of the scouting program. I was asked to be a scoutmaster for a special needs troop in the Ogden, Utah area and was such for 7 years. Special needs scouts are those with learning and/or physical disabilities such as downs syndrome. They can be in the scouting program all of their lives. They require lots of individual help and I always had several assistants. When they were not able to perform a requirement because of physical or mental problems we would come up with a modified plan that was equivalent in difficulty for them as a normal boy. That way they could also earn their Eagle rank. I learned that these people were really special and most had a wonderful spirit about them. I felt like they were special spirits in the pre-existence and were sent down and given bodies and minds that could not be temped by Satan and would be able to return clean and pure into God's presence. It was truly a great privilege to work with these special people and the greatest spiritual experience I have ever had in my life happened one time when I was helping one of these boys. Its a long story and I won't tell it here. My wife and I went on a mission to Russia. We worked a lot with the young single adults and we still communicate with some of via the internet. We have seen eight of them come to the mission training center in Provo and go on missions. It was truly a great experience and helped us to more fully appreciate the things we have in this country. I could talk about many more things but space is gone.

What do Mormons believe happens to us after we die? What do Mormons believe about life after death?

The spiritual part of us that came into our bodies at the time of birth will return to the spirit world from whence it came but it will take with it the experiences and knowledge that it learned while in the mortal body while here on earth. In that spirit world it will mingle with other spirits and will be taught and will teach others about the the gospel of Jesus Christ. Eventually we will be reunited with your physical body just as Christ was after his death on the cross. Exactly what we will be doing after that has not yet been reveled but I am certain that we will be busy intermingling with others and there will be great happiness and joy as we do so. Show more Show less