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Hi I'm B. Laura Wilson

I raise rabbits, chickens, bees. Between my husband and I we have 21children. I'm a watercolor artist and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

When I married, it was like I was finally free to apply it all. I wanted to do everything wonderfully right. I immediately started having children and planting fruit trees and a garden. The older ladies taught me how to bottle fruit and make bread. Back then there was a big emphasis on basic homemaking skills. I love to work. I am blessed with good health and boundless energy. A wise old man told me once that if I keep trying to make the soup better I would never be bored with life. Everything became an adventure, from learning how to feed 11 kids with only one pound of hamburger to figuring out how to trade my paintings for piano lessons. We didn’t have much money and I didn’t want to trade away my motherhood by going outside the home to work. I learned how to cut hair. I sewed and patched and decorated and reupholstered. We heated with wood and hung our clothes on a low hanging clothes line for the kids. By the time I had an assembly line of children we could bottle 100’s of cases of food a year; In the process I was teaching my children life skills. Even though there was a bus we walked the 3 miles to school together. We played hard too. For a large family with little money, I think we boated and camped and traveled and hiked and ran 4 wheelers more than anyone in town.

Why I am a Mormon

A whole new world of spiritual feelings and activity opened to me when my parents found the Mormon Church. The first time I attended we sang these words; “I stand all amazed at the Love Jesus offers me…I tremble to know that for me he was crucified, that for me a sinner, he suffered, he bled and died”. I was nine years old but I felt powerful new feelings. My new faith grew as I was asked to give talks, bear my testimony, pay tithing. For four years we got up at 5:00 am to attend religion classes before school and were expected to be reading the scriptures every day. Church was a fun place to be with friends. We learned difficult dance routines, acted in floor shows, went to girls camp, sat at the knee of inspiring teachers. I am thankful for good youth leaders who kept me interested until my understanding of why we really worship God, had a chance to catch up to the fun and excitement of it. As I read the scriptures and began to understand the doctrines of Christ’s plan for us, those same feeling of love for my Savior would come back and warm me and teach me and direct me in my decisions. 58 years later I am still an active Mormon because I love that glow and peace of mind that comes from living the gospel of Jesus Christ. Sometimes I think I must be God’s favorite child because He watches over me so carefully, keeping me safe, answering my prayers, warning me, and orchestrating my life so that things turn out well. He helps me do hard things, like raise a large family, teach a class, arrange a special program, graduate from college, go through the death of a child and face a divorce. He is there for me and my life has been happy. I understand the plan. The Lord sent us here to earth to be tested. He gives us all the tools to be successful. If I follow his promptings I continue to grow and become more like him.

How I live my faith

The habits my parents and youth leaders and friends taught me have endured. We were converts who lived in Seattle, away from the Saints. So in some ways we didn’t know how to live the gospel. That changed when I attended BYU and had 5 roommates. Only one of them was from a long Mormon tradition. She suggested we have family prayer together. Later she suggested we have Family Home Evening. This was before the church talking about it so much. I was intrigued with her matter of fact introduction of these habits that seemed so common to her. Not because I was ready to be so righteous, but because she was just a young girl like myself and away from parents at college. She was the only one in the apartment who even knew this was a way of life worth embracing. It was unusual for me to pray with other kids, openly. I followed her example. It was still awkward for me but in time it became a way of life. My second year at BYU an older student was assigned to mentor me. She said, go to all your meetings and get involved in all parts of the activities and callings. So I did and it made all the difference in how my testimony and habits formed. I learned to love every part of church and all the programs. I gained a testimony of getting involved in whatever I was asked to do. I know the simple yet magnificent doctrines God has given me are complete and true. I believe we will return to Him after this life. He taught us everything he could to fortify us before he sent us to earth to be tested and tried. I figure if I’m going to go through this short probationary period, I AM GOING TO DO IT WELL! I would not be able to handle falling short and forever regretting how easily I could have done it. Lucky me. God has practically handed me his plan to get back. I know it backwards and forwards and I am determined to do it all.