What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Dina

I grew up in the hot desert of Utah, I ride a ninja 250 motorcycle, I'm a dork and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love to read and write, almost anything! Although my favorite genre is fiction, I just like how open it is. I also like to ride (motorcycles), actually took a nice trip a while ago too. We went to Lake Powell and then to the four corners! Right outside the national monument there is a lot of . . .gravel, yeah let's just say that it wasn't a very nice fall. Don't worry though I had protection and just got bumped and bruised. I am still riding and having a blast! I went to college for a year and decided that the next step was for me to go on my LDS Mission. I got my call and will be reporting to the MTC soon!!

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the church and have grown up with it's teachings. Now sometimes I did have a few doubts but every time I did they would be overwhelmed with the truth. I love this gospel and I especially love how close everybody is, like a family. Family is very important to me, I don't know what I would do if I didn't have the family members I have now. When a new member or family comes into the neighborhood I get excited, cause now I get to have more friends!! I know I may sound a little ditsy and naive, but it's true. I love how I know that I have a big huge Family!!

How I live my faith

For a year I was able to serve and help out in the Special needs program, I had a lot of fun with them! I also took three years of American Sign Language (ASL) and have been able to have fun and create memories with in the deaf community. I have had a few callings in my ward to help teach the younger kids and to help out my peers too. I always try to have a smile on my face, because I know from everyday experiences that one smile can make your one bad day a little better.

What is faith?

Well Faith for me means to have a strong personal belief in something or someone that is trying to help you. Sometimes you may not know exactly who God is or who Jesus christ is but that is when we must practice our faith in them. Sometimes in life you may feel something stir inside you, something warm, softly telling you to make a choice. you may not know why you have this feeling but because it will be a good feeling you may choice to follow it. That is an action of Faith. That feeling that you have is a prompting or like a Life tip from God. This feeling to us is known as the Holy ghost, he helps us to know what is good and what is the better choice to make. Now with this feeling you now have a choice to make this is when your faith comes in. Faith is when you act on the hope that you have been holding on to, when you make that right decision, and when you act on it you feel good about yourself and your decision. Faith may be a small word but sometimes it requires a bigger action. One of my favorite quotes is, "God is good, all the time; and all the time, God is good." now if God loves us and I know that he does, don't you think that he would just want the best for us. Faith is not always easy, but as long as we are trying our best God will always be there to help us get through the rest. Faith is when you act on the hope that you have for a better future. This is what faith means to me. Show more Show less

Why is family so important to Mormons?

Family is one of the best ways that we can have pure joy and happiness in this crazy world. The word Family can consist of many people or just one. What we believe is that before we came here to the world, before we were born we lived with God as his spiritual children, that is why we refer to God as our Heavenly Father. With that in mind that is why we say that a Family does not need to have a specific number of people in it, it just needs to have that same loving kindness, the same feelings of joy and peace. That is why when some people live alone, they can still be called a family cause that one person is a son or daughter of a Heavenly Father who loves them and knows of their true worth. He is always there to help those who live alone, and those who live in a huge family. Family's are so very important to us because we believe and we know that through our family we can have the greatest joy ever attained by man here on earth. We also believe that because we lived with our Heavenly father before this life, we believe that we will return to live with him again, and that we will not return alone, for we will have our family with us. We believe that we will be together forever as a family. That is why family is so important to me because I want to have the best relationship I can with each one of them. I love my family from my mom to my dad to my younger crazy room invading siblings to the older wacky belching siblings, even my nutty cousins, I love my family. Show more Show less

What is the Mormon lifestyle like? How do Mormons live?

To the best of our ability! We believe that we are here to have joy. But what is Joy? Joy is the great feeling of pleasure or happiness that we can have. For me having Joy is when I am doing something fun with my friends or family members. The Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints Helped me and My family to know what Joy really is, and for me it is the feeling of pure happiness I get when I am doing something good, clean, and Fun with others. Creating memories and sharing experiences. What is a mormon lifestyle? depends on the person, just like everybody here on earth every one is different and we all do different things together. I like riding motorcycles, others are terrified of them. Other people would love to here the sentence, "Hey we're going skydiving next week you want to come?" Me I would laugh nervously and run away to hide cause to me that would not be a 'joyful' experience. All in all Being a Mormon is being a normal person and doing what you love to do with the people you love. We believe in Jesus Christ so we do follow and apply his teachings in our lives meaning we go to church and pray and do other religious actions, but being Mormon is living to the best of our ability so that we might have joy. Show more Show less