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Hi I'm Rachel

I've lived in Virginia my whole life, born LDS, am about to serve a mission in Peru, and from a large family.

About Me

I'm Rachel. I'm the 11th of 14 kids. I love music. I love to listen to music, create music, play music. I can play a few different instruments. I love to sing, dance, and act and always have. As a child I would act out my own improv "movies" and "music videos" to all the songs from different CDs; was the master of dress up, and always in my own world of imagination. I started dance lessons at age 3 but my parents had to stop when I was 8 because of money. Now I rarely do any of that in front of people because I'm too self conscious and easily embarrassed. When I was about 11 or 12 I started to have pretty low self esteem. My body was developing and I felt awkward and ugly. I didn't feel like I had many real friends. I am 19 years old and will be leaving for my mission on July 15th, 2015 to the Lima North mission in Peru. I got my GED in 2013 and have been working two jobs to help pay for my mission before other expenses, as I feel that is the best thing for my money to go to in my scenario.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I know the Gospel that Mormons live by is true. The people in the church are imperfect, but the Gospel is not. The Lord has to work a perfect thing through imperfect people and so at times could give you doubts of the truth. There are Gospel principles, which are eternal truths. They will never fail you and never have. They are something you can put all of your trust into. These principles are all basic, simple, and perfect, as is the Gospel. However our lives are not, and so there are many details that can become complicated, confusing, and possibly mislead us. That is where I have struggled with a testimony in the past. Certain details. There are still some details that I am not sure about whether I think they make sense, or what the reason behind them is, but that is where faith comes into play. I've come to know that the Gospel is given to you in baby steps. The more studying you do and faith you have, the more answers and understanding you will receive. So no matter how difficult and complicated life may get; if you stop, go back, and think of the simple principle behind the problem, you will eventually find answers. You may have to exercise faith in the mean time, but as you continue to grow, answers will come to you when the Lord feels you are ready for them. Faith can seem like a silly thing to those who aren't familiar with it. I have had my share of feeling that faith is silly and pointless at times. But I also know that the times I feel that it's embarrassing or lame to have faith in a certain area, things don't get better. But the times that I humble myself and work my faith as hard as I can; I have a stronger clarity of things, feel peace and comfort, and gain a stronger testimony of the existence and love of God. All it takes is that first step of sincerity in faith. A contrite heart. Then answers will follow. After the first baby step, I know other baby steps follow after, leading to greater blessings if we continue in faith.

How I live my faith

For the past 3 years I have been a teacher for the age group of 3-5 year old's. When I was 18 I was the camp director for Young Women's Camp, which is an annual camp that the church hosts for teenage girls. I feel more reverence when I am in clothes I would feel comfortable wearing to church. I like to have a positive appearance so that I can help represent the Lord to others as well as feel His presence better for myself. I enjoy playing and singing reverent songs, and I try to read my scriptures and pray daily. For the past few months I have been studying my Spanish scriptures to work on learning the language for my mission, which has helped me gain a greater perspective of different interpretations for the same gospel message; solidifying my testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ and how it can appeal to us in different ways, but keep the same principles. At my jobs I am the only Mormon and am asked questions from time to time of the things I do differently from others and enjoy discussing the standards and beliefs we Mormons have and why. I feel responsible to be educated in the Gospel so that when times like that happen, I can give answers that are correct and have their foundations founded on Gospel principles and not just my opinions of what I think it should mean. I am preparing for my mission by being the best example I can be to represent Christ, and go out with the sister missionaries in my free time as well as learning Spanish from the scriptures and other sources