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Hi I'm Hannah

I will serve in the Philippines Olongapo mission. I love traveling and new cultures. I study Chinese and love kids. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I've moved around my whole life, lived in America, Europe, and Asia. I don't really have a hometown and as Ive gone about with my life, the gospel and God have become my home. I'm studying Chinese at Brigham Young University in Utah, and I am about to leave to serve my mission in the Philippines. I love being outdoors, and connecting with people and the world around me. I love soccer, singing, traveling, extreme sports, and experiencing new things. I hope to go on and get a Masters degree in Social Work and work with those who need the most help in this life. I'm a Mormon.

Why I am a Mormon

I've technically been a member of the church my whole life. But I believe that everyone goes through and has their own conversion. Conversion is a never ending process, and I can feel myself becoming more and more converted as my life goes on and I learn more. But my conversion really started for me when I was in High School. My family moved to England when I was High School age. It was not easy being an American in the British school system, and trying to navigate understanding who I was as a individual and as an American. All the support systems I had built up since being a little kid were basically gone. I felt alone and misunderstood by all those around me. The only thing that got me through these tough times was God. I found that I couldn't live life on my own. I needed him to guide me through my Gethsemane. I needed him to hear me when I needed to cry and talk about the hard things. I needed the blessing his gospel brought into my life. I needed someone who understood completely because he had felt my pains for me. I needed someone I could look up to who was better than me. Someone who understood the injustices and evils in the world and yet still believed that I could make it and become something. Someone who would make it all right in the end. It's funny, but I believe that it is often when we are in the midst of some of our hardest trials that we find ourselves and which way to go. Lucky for me I had the truth sitting in front of me my whole life. I just had to learn to lean on it. Some others aren't so lucky which is why I want to go and share the blessings and hope this gospel has given me with the world.

How I live my faith

I live my faith in the way I interact with and love those around me. My faith is my life but it's not overbearing because it's just who I am and how I live. I try to base interactions on love and faith. The direction I go with my schooling has been based on where I feel God needs me most in the world. I've had the opportunity to work in many callings, or positions where I can help, in the church like family history indexing advisor, where I help teach youth how to do their family history and help index others family history, and primary teacher, but I've found sometimes the most important calling we have is to be a friend to others and love and support them through their trials. And not just in the church community but in the world community. I feel my faith strengthen as I interact with others of different faiths or of no faith, interacting with and learning to love and understand them teaches me more about myself and my purpose. I'm far from perfect but I try to put myself in the position that Christ would in the situations I live in. He wouldn't be around the merry and jolly but among the poor and destitute. Teaching and helping those who need it most is what I wish I could spend the rest of my life doing.

What is the Mormon lifestyle like? How do Mormons live?

The Mormon lifestyle is just like anyone else's lifestyle. We have hopes and fears and we love and fight and cry. We can be found in all walks of life, rich or poor, in all countries with all kind of backgrounds. We aren't perfect we have trials that force us to face what we believe. We have experiences that make life harder and that force us to make hard decisions. What pulls us together is the way in which we approach life. We approach life with faith in Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father and we face life with hope for the future. We try to live faithful to our standards and who we want to become. We try to live lifestyles that show how much we respect ourselves and that show how much we respect God. We try to live in such a way that we can follow the commandments of our loving Heavenly Father and to live worthily to one day return to his presence. Show more Show less