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Hi I'm Tania Lissette Helsten

I love culture, people, and science. I have a passion for religion. I'm half-Hispanic. I love a little bit of everything.

About Me

I was born and raised in Orem, Utah with a Puerto Rican twist. (I know, a redheaded Latina. Crazy, right?) I grew up somewhere in the middle of two cultures, and because of that, I've come to love and appreciate the diversity of people and beliefs. This has become the foundation of my current pursuits at the University of Utah, as an International Studies major. In my spare time, I love discovering new music, trying new recipes, and getting ever-closer to my goal of doing a full split. (Not at the same time... At least, not always!) If I had my way, I would spend my day in the mountains, with people that I love, listening to awesome music, and eating something with coconut in it.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I believe in truth. The Universe, from the stars down to the atom, all have order. And everything has some form of truth. This life is a matter of finding where the truth stands the strongest, in highest supply, and no other religion or belief-system has ever resonated that to me than this church. I have tried it, I have tested it, and I have found it to be true. And that has brought me happiness that I have not discovered in any other source.

How I live my faith

I live my faith in the passions that I have for life. There are so many great things in this world, and so little time to experience it all. My faith has become my anchor, centering me on good values and the importance I give to the things I enjoy. Let's face it, not everything out there is good, and you've got to decide what to take in, and what's better left out. That's where faith plays a huge role in my life. We each have the power to choose what we will allow to have influence and power over who we are and the decisions we make, and if we are not careful, we can become polluted with things that will draw us away from lasting happiness. Living my faith gives me confidence in myself, peace and security in the world we live, and hope for a brighter future. It's something active--a force that guides my every decision and action.

What is the Atonement of Jesus Christ? Why was it necessary for Jesus Christ to sacrifice His life?

Tania Lissette Helsten
What a question! Have you ever done something that you knew was not completely right, and felt like there was something in your chest that just weighed you down ever-so slightly, and no matter what you do, it doesn't seem to go away? Or maybe an injustice that makes you internally scream for resolution? Or perhaps experienced such emotional pain, loneliness, depression, anxiety, to where you felt like you were gasping for peace the way a drowning man would gasp for air? Yeah. Ever wondered if there was a cure? There are philosophies out there that teach that these emotions are surreal, a creation of our own mind that can be overcome by the individual. Well, I don't know about your experience, but in my own, that was certainly NOT the case. The Atonement brings that feeling of relief from a burden being lifted, the glass of water to quench thirst, or the warmth that burns the darkness out of the soul. It is something that comes from a source outside of our own being. And, of course, we cannot talk about the Atonement without acknowledging that source: Jesus Christ. Who wouldn't want to know that there is someone out there who cares that we even exist? Or that allows that caring to be put into action to actually make a difference in our lives? To empower us? To enlighten us? To sanctify us? For me, that is what the Atonement is: an expression of divine love that tells me that I don't have to do this all alone. And neither do you. Show more Show less