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Hi I'm Maddie

I was born in Utah. I have lived in Las Vegas, Nevada and Eureka, California. I am a foster sister. I am a aunt. I am a Mormon.

About Me

I have lived in the gospel my whole life. I am the biological youngest of all the children, but I have a current foster sister who is 13 years old. My family decided to get into the foster care program about 2 years ago. We felt inspired that this is what we needed to do, but I soon found out that easy was not a word to describe foster care. I had a foster sister for about 5 months. She was a sweet spirit but in the end she didn't want to change her ways and addictions. From her I learned how to deal with friends who had depression, how to be patient, and how to live with others. My current foster didn't even know how many months were in a year before she came to live with us, but with much patience, she has learned many valuable lessons. From her I learned not to take my knowledge, whether from school of from church, for granted. Most importantly I learned, from both of them, that every single person in this world truly is a son or daughter of God. Only with the help of the Lord am I able to get through this difficult challenge in front of me. I love to read almost any kind of books. I play soccer in the fall and summer. I am a 4.0 student, and I love math. I love to solve problems and find definite solutions. I have a part time job at my local Library. Though it seems like I'm always busy with practice, school, and work, I always find time to spend with my family. We love to watch movies, play card games, or just laugh and talk.

Why I am a Mormon

Though I have been going to this church for my whole life, I didn't officially become a member until I was baptized at eight years old. I still had the chance to make the decision myself. Since then my faith and testimony have grown unceasingly. I am a member of this church because I know it is true. I have asked God myself in prayer just as Joesph Smith did, and I have received the confirmation from the Holy Ghost that it is true. To others the LDS church and its standard are what they call "politically incorrect". Our prophets informed us of the danger of alcohol and drugs before they were proven to be unhealthy. Being a member of the church gives me a broad view of life. I know that we will be resurrected, and we will be able to see those loved ones that have passed on before us again. The church is centered around family, and I truly believe that to be true.

How I live my faith

Many people live their faith's differently. There are some simple things that I do in my life, so that I can always remember the Savior and keep him on the forefront of my mind. One thing that our church leaders have been trying to help us get better at it is Sabbath Day Observance. I have stepped up to the challenge, and some of the things I do on the Sabbath to feel the Holy Spirit is: write in my journal, listen only to church music, and write my grandparents a letter talking about my week. Some of the things that I do in my life daily are: pray both morning and night, read my scriptures every night, listen to wholesome music, and dress modestly. In my house we have several pictures of the Savior and of temples. These are up as a constant reminder that we are loved and always watched over. I live my faith by attending church meetings including mission prep. I live my faith every day by the example of my countenance. I try as hard as I can to follow the teachings of the Lord and the prophets every day of my life. I have a small white board in my room, and if I ever find a good inspiring scripture or part of a talk, I will write it on the board so every day when I wake up it is one of the first things I see. Every Monday night my family will get together and have family home evening. FHE can consist of reading one of the for strength of youth topics, pretend/practice missionary discussions, or I will teach about something I learned from seminary. Every morning at 6:30 my family will get together in the dining room and take turns reading from the Book of Mormon. We always have prayer before meals, and occasionally we will have family prayer at night. My parents always make it a goal to tell all of their kids that they love them very much.