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Hi I'm Brendan Van Trigt

I grew up in Adelaide. I am 23 and love to share the gospel. Yes, I'm a Mormon

About Me

I was raised in Adelaide, I am the youngest in my family, 1 older brother and 3 older step sisters. I grew up in Adelaide's Southern suburbs, around Noarlunga, Christies Beach, and love it there. the scenery is beautiful, I can relate to everybody there, it is my home. When I was 14, I was home one day when two missionaries knocked at my door, I answered and was shocked to have 2 well dressed missionaries, one was from America, and the other was from England, standing on my doorstep. I thought to myself, "wow, these 2 guys have travelled all the way around the world to stand on my doorstep to invite me to learn about Jesus Christ". I thought it would not be right to just tell them to get lost, that's a good effort on their part, the least I could do is listen to what they had to say. So I received lessons from them and a few weeks later I was baptized. However shortly after my baptism, I stopped going to church. I lived a hard life for the next 7 years. I got mixed up in the wrong crowd, saw that my life was out of control and needed to change. So after some trials I made the decision to go back to church. I walked back unassisted, no family support, no friends, no missionaries, no members reaching out to me, I was just ready to go back to church. So I did, and I felt the spirit. I became re-accustomed to the church and in just over 2 years, I started serving my mission. I am currently serving in the Australia Sydney North Mission

Why I am a Mormon

I converted my whole life to the church, I had to forsake some friendships. That was hard, but sometimes those people who are closest to you, and who you think make you happy, can actually hold you back and limit your progress. As I moved away from them, I found myself be able to practice my religion more freely. I love my religion, it is great, it makes me whole. It provides me with opportunities to meet new people, and learn their life stories, the church provides it's members with many opportunities to serve other people and the community. The church does much good in the world, it mends broken hearts, it strengthens families, gives generously to the poor and is very generous and clever in humanitarian crises the world over. I am so happy to support and be apart of an organization which does so much good, It makes me happy and it makes me feel useful. But the main reason that I am a Mormon is because I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints is the true church. I feel like I need to share that, I know other religions do much good in our communities, and other Christian faiths while they may be correct in some principles of the gospel, they do not have the fullness of the gospel. I know the only way to achieve the purpose of our lives is by believing in God, and receiving ordinances, such as baptism by those that have authority from god to perform those ordinances. The only church with the authority from God to perform these ordinances is the Church of Jesus Christ or latter-day Saints.

How I live my faith

How I live my faith varies from time to time depending on my circumstances. that's the great thing about being a Mormon, you are never stuck in a position, and you are NEVER bored. there is always something more you can do for the church. I may be called to serve in a position in the church, I have been an usher, Young Single Adult representative, a ward missionary and most recently, a full time proselyting missionary. So there are plenty of opportunities to serve others, and help them to learn about the church, or how to make the members feel welcome, or help organize events which enable people to get to know each other better. Nobody is paid in the ministry, so everyone can join in. everyone can contribute something. I love to serve in the community in service projects, I do my family history, visit the temple, I am serving a mission, and loving it. I am so happy to be a Mormon.

Do Mormons regard the Bible as Holy Scripture and the word of God?

Brendan Van Trigt
Latter-day Saints regard the Bible as a great resource in helping us understand the nature of God, his commandments and the lifestyle that we are supposed to live. It has many important doctrines and beliefs which we hold very dear. We believe it is correct as far as it is translated correctly (Articles of Faith 1:8). We believe the scriptures contained in the holy Bible were originally pure, they contained true doctrine and the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (1Nephi 13:24-25 [Book of Mormon]). However over the centuries since the passing of Jesus Christ our Lord, we believe people who possessed these scriptures either lost, mistranslated or even willfully changed the writings. as a result, the scriptures were no longer pure, and many important things pertaining to the Gospel of Jesus Christ were lost.(1 Nephi 13:25-29). This caused many people to develop false ideas about God and Jesus Christ. This is why it was so important for God to bring forth the Book of Mormon, which testifies of Jesus Christ, and 'fills in the gaps' that are missing from the Bible. Show more Show less