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Hi I'm Kelly

I am an entrepreneur helping others start and run small businesses in the western United States... and I'm a Mormon

About Me

I'm 71 years young. How do you collapse a lifetime of wonderful experiences into 1500 characters? I have started, raised money for, and operated dozens of small business ventures in seven western states of the United States over a period of 40 years, and I'm a Mormon. After serving in the Alaskan-Canadian Mission, and working in Kodiak, Alaska for a summer, I attended BYU in Provo, where I met and married my first wife, began a family and after 6 years graduated an MBA and started the long and bumpy road of an optimistic, highly committed entrepreneur. I have lived in most of the western states, so... I feel right at home anywhere in the West. My experience includes starting a telephone company, working with others to start a library automation company, a real estate company, a construction company, a food club and wholesale grocery company, a bio-medical engineering company, a wood siding processing company, a dialysis management company, a software search-engine company, another construction company, another bio-medical spinal device company, a mining equipment and milling company, and a hand-held telephone/computer device company. I've sold copy-machines, computer hardware, and spent a couple years trading commodity futures. Lastly, as a small business consultant working for Dixie State University in their Small Business Development Center, I helped start and fund a high-end tactical flashlight company Went to work for them as CFO and finally retired in 2014.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the LDS Church and raised by strong active members of the Church. But that is not the reason I'm a strong member today. Like most young people, I didn't know for a time what I believed. Where was I from?, what was I doing here? and what would become of me? As I suffered the repeated financial ups and downs of the life of an entrepreneur, I had to face the issues head on and ponder, what was the purpose in this emotional roller coaster that I was on. My belief in God has never wavered but, I couldn't point to any real answers to my sincere questions. After a particularly bad financial crash I was on my knees praying for understanding and relief. After days of this nightly routine I was desperate and after hours of pain and tears I had an experience I will never forget and could never deny. I heard in my head distinctly the words, RISE UP MY SON. I raised my head, looked around, I was alone in my room late in the night. He knew me. It was my Heavenly Father. He was aware of my suffering. He called me, MY SON. I felt his love for me, I knew He was saying stop feeling sorry for yourself and start acting like MY SON. I continued praying for answers when a week later, and still agonizing, He answered me again, and I heard, YOUR FAITH IS IN CHRIST. I had put my faith in myself. I had tried everything I knew to achieve "success". I knew the gospel, I was a good man, I had done my duty in the Church, but success had eluded me. As I pondered this experience from God, I realized that the Church really is true. God is there, He knows and loves me and I really matter to Him. As I studied the Scriptures my understanding of life and my place, changed. I redefined success and began to appreciate my life. This answer to my prayers literally turned me around and I realized what success really is. I now know that Heavenly Father is for real and loves us, that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is His Church on the earth today.

How I live my faith

In my multiple attempts at grasping for the brass ring I have failed many more times than I've succeeded. Principles and personal integrity are very costly commodities. At almost any point in my lifetime as an entrepreneur I could have taken advantage of "opportunities" that were presented to compromise principles at great personal benefit. However, having made sacred covenants to not only sustain and obey the written laws of men, but to live in every nuance the higher laws of God. I have tried over my lifetime to truly live, honestly. To me that is more than simply not lying or not stealing. To me that includes actually looking out for the other guy, it includes having his or her best interest at heart and acting on those heart-felt principles with pure intent. To me, it means you don't enter into any transaction unless all parties will end up winners. The late Stephen Covey was one of my mentors and always used to say, "Win / Win or no deal" In my life, that has often resulted in no deal. I have always tried to follow my dreams. Perspective and priorities are very important and guiding concepts which I have attempted to incorporate into my quest for success. The long view or the eternal perspective helps to shape our priorities. Once again referring to Stephen Covey, he used to say "Begin with the end in mind". It's about setting long term, intermediate and short term goals. The follow-through dictates your daily routine and persistence in the face of adversity wins in the long run. As I have matured, my goals and my thinking have changed and I have redefined success for myself. I have a wonderful family of 21 children and now going on 70 grandchildren and counting. I am at peace with myself and my world. I am debt free and own what I own. I have my good health a wonderful wife and the time and resources to serve a mission for the Church. What greater success could I hope for than to be remembered as a man of faith in God.

Why is authority to perform a baptism important?

First, what IS authority? If I want to drive a car, can I go to my next door neighbor and get a valid license? If I want to fly to New York, can I buy a ticket on American Airlines at the gas station down the block? If God is our Heavenly Father and He loves us and wants us to return to Him in Heaven, could we go to the local neighborhood soup kitchen and ask the proprietor to "baptize" us? Any Church that claims to have the authority to act for God or perform any ordinance in His name, to be recognized and accepted by God as a valid saving ordinance must have God's Priesthood, be recognized by God and perform that ordinance in accordance with His will. God has not left us alone to wonder in the world without guidance or direction. He is the same "yesterday, today and forever". (See Amos 3:7 and John 15:16) God has revealed himself to us today just as in ancient times. His Church was officially organized in 1830 and the authority to act in His name, or His Priesthood, was restored to man on the earth once again. Baptism is the first saving ordinance (See John 3:5) and we must be baptized by His proper authority to be enabled to return to him. Just like having a real driver's license or buying a real ticket to New York, without the real authority of God, or His officially recognized priesthood, you cannot be accepted into God's Kingdom without His Baptism. Otherwise, you are only recognized as "baptized" into an earthly organization created by someone here on earth. Show more Show less