What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Summer

I'm a wife, a mother of four, and a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a stay-at-home mom. I have four beautiful, sometimes crazy children that take up the majority of my day. I love poetry, reading, writing, dancing, and being outdoors. But I find the most joy in spending time with my husband and family. Yes, I realize I am quite boring. I've hesitated to create a profile like this because I haven't done anything even slightly remarkable. No one outside my circle knows my name and probably never will. But I come from a tight-knit extended family that are anything but ordinary. They are my closest friends, my moral support, my entertainment, my confidants, and so much of who I am. If I'm a part of anything extraordinary, it's my family.

Why I am a Mormon

I love being part of a religious group because I get to be a part of a community, because I receive opportunities to serve, because I love hearing Christ's gospel, and because my children will be taught moral standards that have helped me throughout my life. But I choose to be a Mormon because I feel in my heart that through the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints the Lord's gospel has been restored to the earth through living prophets. I hear God's words for me as I read the Book of Mormon and listen to words of our current prophet. I know that I can be with my family that I love forever because the authority to seal and bind us is within our holy temples. I truly believe that Heavenly Father's plan for his children is realized through his organization where we receive all necessary for salvation and eternal happiness. I know God loves me and all of his children. That is why he sent his beloved and only begotten son to atone for our sins and bring life into the world. More than anything, I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior. He really lived and died and then miraculously came back to life. He lives now! He is more real to me than anything I can touch and see. I have faith that one day I will see his face and experience his loving embrace. I feel his love in everything good. It is in all the world.

How I live my faith

On Sundays, I work with others to teach the children in my ward about the gospel of Jesus Christ. On weekdays, I spend 90 percent of my time being mom, but I get the chance to help others too. One thing I love about the church I belong to is the many opportunities I get to serve others that I wouldn't regularly have known about or have sought out on my own. I am assigned to watch out for two or three other women in the ward and others are assigned to watch out for me. This may include providing food, babysitting, rides to somewhere, words of encouragement, prayers, or a shoulder to cry on as needed. These women are some of my dearest friends. Through the women's organization in our church, I have other opportunities to donate my time to causes local and far away, whether it be tying quilts and assembling newborn baby kits or participating in a neighborhood cleanup. There's also a much less organized part of living my faith; it is simply paying attention to those around me and looking for ways to make their lives a little better.

What is the purpose of the welfare services of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?

Just as our Father in Heaven cares about our spiritual happiness, he also cares about our temporal well-being. The LDS church welfare services are set up to help those that cannot currently help themselves, with a focus on eventual self-reliance. This is done in various ways. Food, clothing, medical aid, school supplies, hygiene kits, etc. are sent where needed around the world. Additionally, education and training are offered to assist men and women on their path toward self-reliance. Those on the giving end are blessed as well. Once a month, my family and I fast as part of our Sunday worship services. The money we would have spent on food is then given as a donation called a fast offering. We are encouraged to be generous. This money will be used to help the people in our area or if there is not a need nearby, to help others farther away. We can also donate to the humanitarian effort in which food and supplies are distributed worldwide. Show more Show less