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Hi I'm Heather

I'm a sister to 20 siblings. I'm a collegiate athlete. I love food WAY too much. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Growing up I was always known as the girl that had more siblings in her family than in her school class (which actually isn't true) ,but for some reason it stuck. However I didn't care, I was proud of my 16 (now 20) siblings. I always had something to talk about when those awkward silences came. Because let's be honest here, they come. From Kentucky to Taiwan, my family has adopted kids from all over! 13 of the 20 children in my family have been adopted. My parents always said "these kids need homes ,and if we had the space and the funds why not give these kids a good home?" Due to that I have been blessed beyond compare with amazing siblings who have taught me so much throughout the 20 years I've been alive. Another fun fact about myself is that for the past 12 years I've been a part of several track and field teams. Participating as a long, triple, and high jumper. I never thought that I would go anywhere with track. It was just simply a past time to keep me busy after school. However, as I continued on through the years I began to enjoy it more and more which was NOT what I had anticipated from the start. I now am heading into my 13th year as a runner and jumper for this wonderful sport and I couldn't be happier. There is something about wearing a uniform and competing with my team that keeps me continuing in this crazy sport.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because I have such a deep love and compassion for my Father in Heaven and his son Jesus Christ. I've been lucky enough to have been born and raised in a family that is strong in the church.This doesn't mean that I piggy back off of my parent and sibling beliefs and opinions. No. I've come to learn that I am his daughter and I am loved. I've come to learn who He is and what He did for me. I came to learn that if I want to know/understand something then it is my job to search in the scriptures and pray in faith to find my answers. I am a Mormon because I want to be, because I know that this is Christ's church, because everything taught in the Book of Mormon, the keystone to our religion, is true. I believe all of it. Sometimes it's hard, but that's the beauty. When times get hard I know that I have someone to lean on. I know He is with me, always and forever, and when I need someone to talk to all I have to do is kneel down, fold my arms, and just talk. I am a Mormon because I don't know how I could possibly live my life without this magnificent religion.

How I live my faith

I can honestly say that I have never really thought about how I live my faith. I was born and raised in the church, and have grown up with the word "faith" in my vocabulary. I went all through school being told each Sunday by my young women leaders to wear my faith on my sleeve. But to be honest, I had no clue what that really meant. So I did what I had always done. I wore modest clothes, I kept my language clean, I made sure that my standards were known, but most importantly I made sure that I was trying my hardest to be an example at all times. Up until just recently, I didn't realize that, that was living my faith. All though my years I had been expressing my faith in small and simple acts, wearing faith as an everyday accessory.