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Hi I'm Alex Hart

I grew up in Colorado. I'm on my mission in the Denver South area. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm very interested in sports, I like to both play and watch basketball and football mostly. I like to exercise regularly whenever given the chance. I'm also interested in acting and theater, I did some of that towards the end of High School.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because 1.) I noticed what a difference the church and it's teachings make when I go through challenges and life in general. There is an undeniable difference that the gospel makes in my life. I am happier, more at peace, and more successful when going about life when I read the scriptures, pray, and practice the religion. I have attempted to go about challenges and hardships in life with and without the church at times. It's like when scientists use the scientific process to test for the effects of a certain variable through control groups and experimental groups. I was less happy and less able to succeed in life the many times I tried to go about life without following church teachings and doctrine and more happy and successful when I did follow the church. How can this be explained any other way? 2.) The doctrines and teachings of the church make very much sense to me when thinking about things from an eternal perspective. Eg: There must be an intelligent force such as God out in the Universe because everything that exists has such complicated design and purpose.

How I live my faith

Before going on my mission, I was involved in many church meetings and I taught lessons in adult classes. I also served as a ward missionary prior to my official mission where I went with our elders once a week and did everything they did for a day in order to prepare. This included going to zone meetings, appointments with members and non-members, service projects, dinner appointments, etc. Due to our ward not having many priests for a while, I also helped with blessing and administering the sacrament every Sunday in our Ward's Sacrament Meetings.

Why is family so important to Mormons?

Alex Hart
We believe that as God created the Plan of Salvation, He created families as a major asset to help us fulfill our plan and purpose. Families make it so we can use teamwork to fulfill His plan for us rather than doing it by ourselves. Heavenly Father also knows of the innate satisfaction and joy that comes through having fulfilling relationships with other living beings which families are a great outlet for. Not only are families designed to help support us and help us through our Earthly lives, but Heavenly Father has made it so that families can last forever into our everlasting lives because of how that enables us to experience everlasting joy and happiness. As human-beings and spiritual children of God, we naturally desire quality contact and relationships with others which is a need of ours that is partially addressed by having strong family bonds. Show more Show less

Where did Mormonism and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints begin?

Alex Hart
Many believe that our church and religion began with the prophet Joseph Smith, but technically the church and it's doctrine goes all the way back to the beginning with Adam and Eve. Joseph Smith restored the church and brought it back after the Great Apostasy which began with the death of Jesus Christ. Maybe the more modern organization of the church began with Joseph Smith, but the doctrines we believe that are so core to what we believe go back all the way to the creation and existence of human life. Just as things like marriage, families, ordinances, and the Priesthood are very important to our religion today, they were important all the same in the time of Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve loved and were attracted to each other just as modern husbands and wives, they had children and formed their own family, and Adam was given the Melchizedek Priesthood to perform sacred ordinances. Show more Show less