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Hi I'm Kit

I grew up in another faith. Becoming a member of the LDS Church as an 18 year old changed my life forever. I am a happy Mormon!

About Me

I am an enthusiastic, happy, open-hearted woman with an arsenal of real life stories to tell. I am a wife to an incredible husband and mother to four wonderful children. My parents, in-laws and siblings are extremely important to me, even though life doesn't permit as much togetherness as I'd like. Family is our first priority and the reason behind all of our decisions. I love to spend time with family and friends whenever possible. I love to make chocolate desserts...everyday. I love to decorate, watch movies, ride my cruiser bike and watch my kids play soccer. I love to talk. I would like to spend more time reading, but honestly, I just find myself talking too much. I am a college graduate with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. My husband and I have our own business together. I served an LDS Mission in Sao Paulo, Brazil where I learned the beautiful Portuguese language and fell in the love with the people. If I could leave a legacy, it would be 1) my kids living faithful, dedicated lives, and 2) that I loved people with all my heart, regardless of what religion they were, where they lived, or what they did.

Why I am a Mormon

I absolutely LOVE this church! When I was a youth, I found myself wondering why I was here on earth and what it all meant. I grew up with a wonderful family and true friends who only wanted the best for me. I actually grew up amongst Mormons and even went to girls camp a few times with the youth of the local ward. It wasn't until I was 18 and had had a few hard things happen in my life, that I finally dropped to my knees one night and made the simple, but life changing plea... "Dear God, if you exist...make me happy." If I could go back, I would ask him instead of seemingly telling him what to do. But it just shows that God meets us where we are at. At that point I needed happiness and I needed to believe there was a God. The next morning I absolutely KNEW that something was going to happen that day. I went to school so excited for the "BIG revelation." It didn't come. I was disheartened and actually so upset because I had felt deep down that He did exist and wanted with all of my heart to believe it. He hears and answers prayers... a few hours after school I was invited by a friend to hear the missionary discussions that very night. At first I was resistant because I had grown up around the Mormons and thought that if they had had the way to happiness, I would have found out much earlier. But I believe that God knows when we are ready. During the discussion, I felt what I would come to recognize as the Holy Ghost. I knew that what I was hearing was true and that it would make me happy. I felt the strong desire to shape my life to conform with the teachings. I jumped in wholeheartedly and it changed the course of my life forever. Everyday I thank my Heavenly Father for showing me the way and truly making me happy...to the core. I knew there was something more and I knew that He was there...I just needed to ask, trust the answer, and commit to Him. I have never looked back and feel truly honored to be a member of this church. It completes me!

How I live my faith

I live my faith everyday by reading the scriptures, words of the prophet and apostles, and kneeling in prayer. I work with the young women ages 12-18 in our ward. I have regularly worked with this age group for the last 25 years. I enjoy my monthly visits with the women I visit teach. It is a wonderful opportunity to share our feelings about the gospel and help them with their needs. I have worked also worked quite a bit with the women in the wards I've lived in and a little bit with the children. I want my children to see my husband and I fulfilling our responsibilities, making the gospel a part of our everyday lives, and serving others. I want them to do this as well. We read scriptures and pray together as a family every day. We also have a Family Home Evening every Monday night where we enjoy time together watching church related short videos, read the scriptures, play games, and eat some chocolate delight. I live my faith by being an example of what I believe. I live the standards of the church and what I feel like is appropriate and good for any human being. My husband and I teach our children to be kind, forgiving, helpful, and loving. We know that nobody is perfect, including ourselves. We try to live in a way that people are comfortable in talking with us about our beliefs. It has been a wonderful experience for me to be a convert. Having joined the church as an 18 year old has helped me to have an open mind when approaching members not of our faith. I know where they are coming from and I have the ability to see and understand what the gospel can do for them. I have never been a pushy person. I hope that my example of following Christ and making Him the center of our family, home and worship will be something that will encourage people not of our faith to investigate this Church.