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Hi I'm J. Hansen M.

I was born and raised in Utah most of my life. I have a farm. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a younger and older brother of many brothers and sisters. My family is complicated and there's been a lot of problems in the past; but there has always been a lot of love and commitment to one another and we keep trying to make things better! I have been through a whole lot in life, and know there's stuff yet ahead. But through God's grace it has only made me stronger. I can't wait to get out on my mission! I know it's going to be wonderful! I love to play the piano and am pretty good at it. I love cooking and baking, as well as many other crafts. I do construction, work with and care for animals, carpentry, writing, and I love to learn. My favorite actor of all time was Jimmy Stewart, and his memory lives on in my mind. I love spending time with my family and reading scriptures. Prayer is my anchor to God and peace and everything that keeps me together. I will always stay true to my God and answer his call above all others! I will also answer my nations call to protect Her and Her people from all threats. I strive to live my life to always do what's right and continually increase my love for God and others through service to them. God gets all the credit...as long as I choose to follow Him, all is well. :)

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I chose it. I was raised in the church and was baptized because I knew my parents loved me and I knew that they had a knowledge of this gospel and that this church would bring me closer to Christ and to truth than anything else. I am still a member, after many different periods of doubt, because I have prayed, I have studied the scriptures, I have acted on revealed commandments and found them to be true and of God. I have searched out all of this Church's history as much as I can up to this point and enough to know it is all true. God has granted me a feeling of peace and much guidance as I have prayed to know of the truthfulness of Joseph Smith and the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in these latter days. I know we have the Priesthood of God in this church because I have seen miracles and have had and given blessings that I know are of God because of their purity and peace and power. I have asked questions and worked to learn all that I can about this church and I have not found one fault. I have come to many doubts but then I pray and words from the scriptures reassure me of truth. I know this Church is true because it doesn't reject other truths, it is simply more truth with expounds upon the same truths in the Bible and the fragments of truth that remained after all the Apostles died and the church died away and no longer had Christ's blessing and Spirit because of iniquity. I know it does not take away from revealed truth and it does not change (add ON TO) any truth already given in the Bible, it simply adds UNTO that truth more truth without adjusting to the world! I have seen God's hand in my life and felt His healing power. I have listened to the leaders of this church and felt just the same as when reading scriptures. I have had power and strength and knowledge and light given unto me as I act on faith. Just as promised in the scriptures. You too can come to know of this by having a desire for the truth and then acting on it!

How I live my faith

I serve my church by accepting and fulfilling all church callings to the best of my ability including helping our bishop to lead and organize young men activities and responsibilities and duties. I study scriptures daily and pray as much as I can and try to pray at all times I find my thoughts just wandering aimlessly. I strive to share my faith and the peace it has brought me with all of my friends. I work to be the best member of the family that I can be in my role. I work to always have clean thoughts, actions and deeds. I attend church weekly and look for opportunities to participate in church service throughout the week. I collect fast offerings every month to help those within our ward boundaries (member or not) who are in need of financial help. I take my assignment to clean the church and and keep it clean at all times. I share talents in our meetings by playing the piano and singing. I am going on a mission to the Ohio Cincinnati Mission for two years or more to help the ward members there to be a better organized church and to better share the gospel with all and to look for anyone in that area who I can help to choose a life of joy and peace by challenging them to obtain a faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement for us and then inviting them to live His gospel and asking them to join His church that they can receive of His fulness more and be uplifted and given help and access to strength and knowledge about His plan for us each week they attend church and as they study the scriptures. I live by church standards and do my best to always follow the counsel of our prophets and church leaders.