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Hi I'm Michael

I was raised in the scorching desert of Bakersfield. I am an Eagle Scout of troop 120. I am a missionary... And I'm a mormon.

About Me

I enjoy playing video games A LOT. Not sure if it's common knowledge, but mormons share a lot of the same interests as "normal people". I LOVE sleeping, a little too much (as I did it during school as well). I do enjoy creating art, be it painting, drawing, or sculpting. Perhaps one of my favorite hobbies is (fake) weapon making, where I use cardboard or wood to create popular items from games or other media. Also as a scout I enjoy camping as a rule, especially if it is for extended times.

Why I am a Mormon

No one has ever really asked me WHY am I a mormon. My parents were mormon before I was born, and I was raised into the faith. However, I did receive a testimony in my teenage years, where my parent's faith stopped being my own. I started to see the hand of the Lord in my life, especially in the church. The church is like a big family, one that has helped me through every trial in my life. I once had a week long camping trip on Mt. Whitney, where we were bombarded with unexpected dangers. Of course in hindsight these may not have been so serious, but it strengthened my testimony greatly. First day: Lightning Storms and heavy rains. Out of the 3 scouting groups, only mine stayed after this. I prayed that we would be safe. (Also prayed that we would go home early, I wimped out). Second day: We got lost, went very far downhill, and had to go double time to make it up. I prayed to find the trail, and soon we did. Third day: The rain came back, only this time it was during the day. We had to hike through it for a long while, and we were soaked through. I prayed for the rain to stop, and sure enough, soon it did. Fourth day: We hiked for a while, but soon realized we couldn't find any of the the water sources that were on the map. We were so thirsty, I dreamed of drinking gallons of drinks in my sleep. I thought of collecting rainwater to drink but apparently my 3rd prayer was so powerful that it made collecting any impossible. I prayed to find any kind of water, and we soon found a small creek of freshwater. Fifth day: Climbing to the summit and down the other side, we started the hike to the parking lot. I was not the fastest or the slowest in my troop. In fact, I was right in the middle, literally. I soon lost sight of both faster and slower scouts and was alone. I got badly lost and eventually a lone camper told me about a shortcut that he could take me through. I prayed to know if he was true, and i trusted him. I ended up safely at the bottom a day early. 2fer

How I live my faith

I have often served at the homeless shelter with my church, and also done other service activities such as cleaning up trash. With my home-teaching companion, Bishop Forsyth, I have visited around 3 families regularly every month to help them or simply talk with them. During Sundays I participate in the Sacrament, where I have passed, prepared, and blessed the bread and water.