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Hi I'm Seattle

I'm a diligent student, an active lifeguard, a friend who serves, and most importantly I am a Mormon!

About Me

I was adopted at the age of three, along with my little brother Isaac, into a great Mormon family, so i cant really call myself a convert. I grew up learning and living the gospel doctrines in the Mormon church. During my high school years I have jump around doing many different activities some of which include: Orchestra (cello), Diving/Swimming, Fashion Design, Architecture, Swim Instructor and my absolute favorite Lifeguarding. I have a die-hard passion for lifeguarding; it is something that requires a persons strength, both in mind and body, and service. I love the training and the team bond that comes with being a lifeguard; I have learned many great life skills while on the job. Although I love lifeguarding I have three other great passions school, family/ friends, and the church. I have always loved serving people and learning my goal is to become a high school math teacher where I can do both. I am always accepting of times, and places, where I can learn. I hope my thirst for knowledge never fills. In the future I want show others the value of knowledge and the gifts that come with learning. I value the time I spend with family/friends. I enjoy doing activities together with my family/friends. I feel that happiness comes from quality time spent the people you love, and joy will fill the hearts of everyone who makes time to spend with loved ones. I love the church and absolutely believe that it is true. I do must best to live my life in a way that will please God.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I feel that this is the place where I belong. I often struggle to always keep the commandments, but I know that through the grace of God and repentance God still Loves me and wants me to return to him. I can not say I know that the church is true, but I do believe that the Church Of Latter Day Saints (Mormon Church) is the one true church of God. This is mainly because God has never not answered my cry for help. I often pray to God asking for his assistance I know that I am weak and can not face my trails alone. Out of all the times I have prayed to him God has never left me alone to fend for myself. I have always had help weather it be from another person or a feeling that he gives me. He never fails to have my back as long as I am willing to put forth effort to. I strongly believe that the Plan of Salvation is true and I want to return to him. I know when I live his standard I am filled with happiness and my heart becomes joyful. This happiness ,that I feel, is not temporary, but everlasting. I want to return to him and obtain eternal life where I can live forever with the people I love in eternal happiness.

How I live my faith

I have grown up I the Mormon church for most of my life. I strive to live the gospel standards so that I may return to my Heavenly Father, and the son Jesus Christ in everlasting life and happiness. Everyday I try to start my morning with a personal prayer and later with family prayer. Every weekday I attend seminary where my faith in God and the gospel doctrines can grow more deeply inside my heart. Seminary is an excellent place to learn more about the gospel, so I can help spread his words. Although it is early in the morning I love to go and learn more about God's plan and how I can become closes to him. After Seminary I take time out of my day to read from the scriptures and grow spiritually as I ponder the words of God. With prayer, seminary, and personal scripture reading in the morning my mind is awake and ready to face daily challenges that strengthen my testimony. I am currently the Laurel President for the Young Women's Program in my ward. I have also been the Mia Maid and Bee Hive President in the past. Although I often have work and can not attend Youth Group session I do everything I can to keep in touch with both active and nonactive girls in and out of the Laurel group. I am constantly in touch with the adult Young Women leader to talk about how we can make things better for the girls. I love the Young Women's Program and have fulfilled are the requirements to earn my Young Women Medallion and Honor Bee. The Young Women Program's requirement book, "Personal Progress" Has taught me, and given me experiences, on how to be a virtuous young women. The things you learn from 'The Personal Progress" book and priceless and everlasting. The most Important part of my faith is going to church and temple. I love church and the spiritual growth I get from attending both church and the temple. There is no other place where you can feel closer to God than in his own home where you can serve him and grow in faith.