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Hi I'm Austin

I love to rock climb. I play soccer. I serve others in my community and I am a Mormon.

About Me

I love to play soccer, it is my favorite sport ever! I also volunteer referee for soccer, not as fun as playing soccer. The smell of freshly cut green grass is amazing to me, especially in the morning. My favorite experience playing soccer was a game with several others from different countries. There just was so much energy and excitement over that one game. The thing about soccer is that it is an international language practically. If you say in English "I got you square," (which means I'm straight across from you) everyone knows what you are saying, no matter what language they speak. I also love to rock climb and I love the feeling of conquering a wall of rock. I am a high school graduate and I am a future college student. I am so exited to attend school. I love school. I have a full time job now and I wish I had school instead of my job.

Why I am a Mormon

When I was twelve years old my life wasn't going to well. I was getting bad grades in school and I was around people that really did not make it easy to be happy. I was beginning to wonder why my classmates in school always seemed to do better in school than me. My self-esteem got so low that when I went to bed I cried myself to sleep. I did not know what was wrong in my life. I didn't know if I was doing something wrong or if this was the way I was. Well one night I was very upset. I felt the most unhappy I have ever felt in my life. Well, this was the time I remembered God. I haven't prayed in the longest time but that thought of praying was something that stood out to me among all the other thoughts I have ever had. Well, I prayed while I was lying in my bed. I don't remember exactly what I asked for or what I expressed to my Heavenly Father, but afterwards I fell asleep quickly. I got up in the morning feeling...light. It was a feeling that I haven't really known. I don't know what got into me but I got into my Sunday Best and went to an LDS church, the same one that I attended when I was about five years old. I felt really good the entire time. I went to the last portion of church called Priesthood meetings, which is like Sunday School or a scripture study class. During that portion, one of the adults taught a lesson that I never learned but it was familiar to me. The lesson was about the Plan of Salvation. It answers the questions of where did we come from, why we are here, and where do we go after this life. But the most important reason why I am a Mormon is not because of what was taught but what I felt while I was being taught that day. And at times and at certain places I can feel that same peaceful feeling that makes me happy. That feeling I felt is the feeling of the Holy Ghost. And the Holy Ghost testifies of things that are true. I felt that, and that is why I am a Mormon and I am a better person because of it.

How I live my faith

Everywhere I go I can see things that Heavenly Father has created. He made these things for us to enjoy while on this Earth so we can be happy and learn from our experiences. I appreciated the large and beautiful mountains that I live next to and recognize it that is God's creation. To me, the most comforting place that I can do most of my thinking is while enjoying walks around many of God's creations whether it be in the mountains or in a park or just walking around the beautiful Brigham City Temple. Wherever I go, I can love the things that have been created for all of us to enjoy. Right now I am preparing to serve a full-time mission for the LDS church. I have felt the good influence that Jesus Christ has had on me not only to make me a good missionary but also a better person. If I had not felt of His Spirit I would have no desire to serve a mission nor would I know if the teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints were true. But I have prayed about these things and I can tell you that all of it is true! I now know that this Gospel is true and that the Messiah not only died and has risen from the dead but also, for us, appeared to a young man named Joseph Smith to show the fullness of His Gospel and His love for us. This is why I desire to serve as a missionary for the LDS church, to give unto others the opportunity to know Jesus the Christ and the joy His Gospel brings to everyone that will believe in Him and love Him more than themselves. This sounds like a lot to do and it is for those who do not understand the blessings that we receive when we give our very best to Him. And this, at this point in my life, is how I love the Savior more than myself by giving Him two years of my life to Him to bring a great joy into the lives of others'.

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

Serving a mission, to me, is showing the love I have for God and His beautiful work of "Bringing to pass the immortality and eternal life of man" (Pearl of Great Price, Moses 1:39). Though I am not required to serve a mission at all I choose to serve because of the love I have for Christ and His Atonement and I want to share that with the world! I love my Savior! I want this Gospel to bless the lives of others as it has mine! Show more Show less

Why is family so important to Mormons?

My family is very important to me. I love my family. My family is important to me because they help me to grow and develop into a remarkable person. The family is also essential to being happy in life. There is no better way to be happier in a family where father does what dad is supposed to do as well as mother. Each member of the family have their duties and responsibilities that contribute to a loving home. I realize more than ever that family is important. My family gives me a sense of belonging. My family members give me the opportunity to feel important. I felt unimportant, lost, and scared before; but my family gives me comfort. Though I may not be with my biological family right now, my family now still makes me feel good about myself. Show more Show less