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Hi I'm Daniel

I love to do plenty of creative things, ranging from drawing, to writing, to writing music, to invention. I am a happy Mormon.

About Me

I love to build things. I love to draw and write music. I love to write screenplays and comics, and I LOVE TO LEARN!! I constantly seek out creative and like minded people. I usually run up to them and ask "What do you do?" And they tell me something I either do or don't want to hear. When I get enough information, I run off and ask the next person the same question. It's how I make friends nowadays, I mean in the past, I simply had no means or knowledge as to how to make any friends. I was what you would call "Forever alone". But in contrast, and am now not forever alone. In fact I am a very friendly person. The reason being: prayer. Tons of earnest, desperate prayer. I guess it was faithful prayer as well, seeing that whenever I did, I seemed to excel at whatever I was doing. I spend my free time being creative!

Why I am a Mormon

Well, I was one of those to grow up in the church, which might seem to be the reason I am a Mormon, but actually, It was one day, I wanted to know if the whole thing my parents, teachers, and friends told me was for real. To my surprise, I was terrified of asking. Just imagine asking the all powerful creator of the universe if he's real or not. It's a lot less intimidating to simply say "Just pray if the Church is true or not". But even then, if what your parents have said, your teachers have said, and what your friends have said is really true, then somehow, an all-powerful creator of the universe is going to answer YOUR question. Out of every human on earth and every living thing in the universe, he's going to take time out of HIS schedule to answer YOUR question. If he answers nicely, your either a billion, trillion times more loved then you know, or there is a LOT more going on then you realize. If he isn't the way everyone told me he is, then I can only imagine what an all-powerful creator of the universe would think of me asking such a question. Terrifying. Absolutely terrifying. Took me 25 minutes to just get down on my knees To my surprise he was absolutely nice about it. The answer was clear, direct, and more peaceful and exciting then I could ever imagine, and I then knew that the Church was true, and that the all powerful creator of the universe, God of every living thing within the world and universe as we know it, took time out of his schedule to answer my one question, directly, clearly, and lovingly. We feel sooooooooo small, it's just out of my understanding in this world how somebody so big could love us such much. My world has continued to expand, heal, and develop since then. The Church is so true.

How I live my faith

In my church, I'm assigned to talk to people, greet them, make friends, and literally be nice to people, which is easy, because I do all of that anyway. It's probably why I was given the assignment. Remember how I said that I am no longer forever alone? Yes, when The Lord helps you make up for your weaknesses, sometimes he expects you to build up his kingdom with the very gift of knowledge or ability he just gave you. I love to serve and give and show others what God has given me. He's given me a lot, and I just want to show the whole world everything I know!!! That's a normal feeling people get when they learn or receive something great. I've just received... a lot. Like a ton... so I have a lot to show, give, and teach people.

What do Mormons believe happens to us after we die? What do Mormons believe about life after death?

Death may seem traumatic to us, or appear mysterious and allusively terrifying, but really, it's just another transition. It's a change in the longer run in eternity. We can never really disappear into the nothingness the world views as "death". In fact, our existence continues. Thus, having ANOTHER life to move onto in the future, it becomes INCREDIBLY important, that we be careful how we treat this life now, as it is. We already learned, becoming adults, that we SHOULD HAVE listened to our parents, and prepared somehow for the future. This life is like our spiritual childhood. We should listen before it's too late!!! Show more Show less