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Hi I'm Brandon Austin

I am a blessed member with a busy life. I love to play basketball, and teach and play piano every week. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I belong to a loving family with great parents and 3 interesting little brothers. I love to play basketball and try to play that as much as I possibly can. I play piano and the organ for my church once a month, and perform countless musical numbers with another priest who plays the cello. I love hanging out with my friends and relaxing and playing video games with them when I can. I have been miraculously accepted to my dream college, BYU, but before I go there, I am serving a mission for my church. I got called to serve in the El Salvador, San Salvador/Belize mission and will be learning Spanish shortly. I strive to choose the right and although some decisions I think will hurt me, like not cheating, not listening to my parents, I have witnessed first hand the blessings our Savior wants to pour down on each one of us if we are worthy to receive them.

Why I am a Mormon

Everyone has a conversion story, even if they were born into the church. I have been born to a long family history of Mormons. Growing up, however, I did not have the slightest testimony in the church. I took many things for granted and went to church because my parents told me to, and didn't really think much about it. In my teenage years, when I started taking more responsibilities upon my self, I started to wonder if I actually believed what these people have been telling me all my life. I had never read my scriptures, wasn't really strict about following the commandments. I just went to church because I didn't know different. Listening to other people, I would always get upset because they would talk about this amazing spirit that they felt, and I had never really noticed that feeling, and started to wonder if I even had an ounce of faith in me. One day I was really down about life, and wondering what I should do with my future and this "Mormon thing". That was the first time I really remember a prompting from the spirit telling me what to do. At the time, I was constantly breaking serious commandments and not opening my scriptures, but I knew what I had to do to find out if this church was true. I decided to try being completely clean, and read at least a chapter a day for a week even though I know I wouldn't want to. That week, every single night, I felt the spirit bear witness to be that this is how I am supposed to be living, and that if I would use the atonement and flip my life around, I could be forgiven. Just in that week of seeking for that spirit and knowledge, my life completely changed. Because I have first hand witness the blessings that have come from acting in faith, I can no longer deny that God is real. I have realized that living without that light and spirit in my life is something I never want to do again. I know He lives, and I know that this is His restored church on the earth today, and I know if you try acting in faith, you will too.

How I live my faith

I live my faith in many ways, some include being an example to others, loving my brothers, striving to become more Christlike, and serving others. I have found that only through the gospel I have been truly happy, and my mind clear and stress free. Because of the blessings and spirit I have felt from my Savior Jesus Christ, I cannot deny his existence, and cannot deny the faith that I have gained. Because of this, I have chosen to serve a two year mission for the church which I know to be true. Although I have grown up in the gospel, and to a well off family, I try not to take my blessings for granted, and work hard to keep the Savior's light in my life. I got called to serve in a third-world country, with a high poverty and crime rate. I know that only by living the standards of the gospel, and having faith that He will be beside my the whole way if I'm worthy, is the only way I will be able to have his tender mercies surround me while I'm over there. I know he is there, and I know he loves every single one of his children, and that if they seek to find him, and seek to follow him, I am 100% positive they will see miracles in their life, and the tender mercies of the Lord will surround them, just as they have to me. I try to live my life as if he was standing there beside me all the time, and I know that because I do this, I can always have his spirit as a guide in my life.

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

Brandon Austin
No one is required to serve a mission for the Church, yet many do, and have that desire to give up money, time, dates, and school because they know that what they will be teaching is true, and cannot deny that. Many missionaries leave for two years, even at a crucial point in their life, to bring other people the same happiness and blessings that they receive because of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Because I have come to know the blessings and consequences of choosing whether or not to follow to the teachings of Christ, I know with all my heart that he is out there, and he watches over us. He wants to bless us, and is always ready to, but can only be in our life if we open our door so to speak and are worthy to have his angels around us. The blessings and spirit I have searched for and found, are experiences I cannot deny. Even if my life gets really rough and harsh, I will not be able to deny the experiences that I have had as I search for him and his truth. I know that Jesus is the Christ, and that our loving Heavenly Father is always watching over us, and ready to rain blessings and happiness upon our lives. Because of my knowledge, it would be selfish if I didn't go and share the joy and peace the gospel can bring to even the most broken of souls. Everyone is loved, and everyone can be blessed and taken care of. That is the message I would like to leave with the people who I have been called to teach in El Salvador and Belize for the next two years of my life. Show more Show less