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Hi I'm Megan

I'm a born and raised Coloradoan. I am a three-sport athlete. I'm a full-time missionary in New Jersey. I am a Mormon.

About Me

I've finished my first year of college at BYU. I've played softball and basketball, and thrown shot put and discus, for the last 7 years of my life. I also love to draw and write poetry, and am a huge fan of reading. Through these things I feel as if I can escape some of the more difficult parts of life and just express myself and live in wonderful fantasies of my own and others' imaginings. I am in fact a bit obsessed with all the Marvel movies, Star Trek, and Sherlock- but all healthily, I promise! Also, my family is so important to me- they are my best friends! My siblings and I used to fight all the time when we were younger, but now my brother and I are literally each others' best friends and confidants; and my younger sisters and I grew a lot closer when my brother left on his mission. Also, a huge turning point in my life has been the pretty severe plantar fasciitis in both of my feet which makes walking, running, or putting any pressure on them very painful- which developed when one day in basketball practice in January of 2013. I haven't let this condition slow me down though- my love of softball, track, and the gospel has kept me pushing through this trial! I am currently serving a mission for my Lord in the New Jersey Morristown Mission. I love it here on the East Coast!

Why I am a Mormon

All my life I have been a Mormon- I was born to parents of the faith, and raised in the faith. That's not to say I have never had any personal feelings of doubt and skepticism, like any human would; but I have come to learn for myself that this gospel is true. I remember one day in the 10th grade I just had this burning desire to know if what I had been following and defending my whole life was true or not. I came home that day from practice after school and immediately went to my room to pray. As I prayed to know if this church was true I got an overwhelming feeling of peace and warmth that I had never before experienced as a 16 year-old. I knew at that moment that the church was true: it was not a hoax, a lie, or an unbelievable fairy tale like my peers said. That was when I became truly converted to the church I had been a part of my whole life. From that day, I have had many more experiences that have strengthened my faith and my belief in the Lord's church. I was bullied severely in middle school and the beginning of high school, so much so that I sometimes had the fleeting doubt of my place on this earth. However, whenever I knelt down to pray, asking for help or comfort, I would always feel a warmth surround me- almost as if I was enveloped in an enormous hug- and I knew then that Christ knows exactly what we're going through. He is not ignorant, nor simply unaware of our suffering: He knows each of us individually and is more than willing to help us, if we turn to Him. He died on the cross for me, and for you, and for each of us; He suffered in the Garden of Gethsemane for the sins, suffering, and pain of each of us as individuals. And He did all that because He loves us. He loves us so much that we cannot even begin to comprehend the enormity of it. This truth has helped me just with getting through the daily struggles in life, and through all the heart-wrenching trials I have had. This gospel is truly a blessing, and I love it so much!

How I live my faith

Before I went to college, I was literally the only girl my age in the church in my area for six years. This was pretty difficult for me as I often felt alone and ostracized from my peers. However, I still kept my standards and lived my faith with conviction, if not always with pride some days. In the past, I was in a Young Single Adult ward, or congregation, at my religious college. There I taught a class of about 30 fellow freshman girls once a month on various topics and principles we believe in the church. I also visited with two young ladies once a month with my roommate to share a simple, spiritual message with them; and to catch up with them and assist with anything they may need help with. It was a weird change going from having no one in the church my age to having almost everyone at my college- but I still continued to live my faith and the standards I had set for myself, regardless of the change of environment. Now I am serving an 18-month mission in New Jersey for the Lord. I am up at 6:30am every morning, and contacting and teaching people about Jesus Christ and His teachings for 10 hours every day. I truly love this opportunity to express my love and faith in Him and His gospel!

What do Mormons believe about the nature of God?

God is a perfect being with an immortal, perfected body. He is our Heavenly Father, and we are all His spirit children. He is like any father here on the earth- one who wants to do anything and everything possible for his children. He loves us so much! But He also knows, like any father, that He can't do everything for us. He can't solve all our problems, or shield us from all pain and suffering; otherwise, how would we learn? We have to go through trials and afflictions, we have to know pain- and also joy- for ourselves. He knows us each perfectly, and loves us each individually; and He has a plan for each of us to find joy in this life and return to live with Him again after this life. He is all-knowing and all-powerful, and He loves us. Show more Show less