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Hi I'm LisaFaye

I am from Arizona. I was a United States wild land fire fighter. I'm a Latter-day Saint.

About Me

I was raised by a single mother until about mid-childhood and then was adopted into a home with a single father. Growing up I was the only girl with a dad and two older brothers. I am passionate about playing violin, writing, and anything that involves taking care of others. I love traveling and getting lost, making new discoveries and lots of adventure! When I reached adulthood I became an Emergency Medical Technician and fire fighter for the US Forest Service. I have since returned to college to begin another career in educational interpreting for American Sign Language. My goal is to work with teachers for deaf and hard of hearing students at the elementary school age. I read The Book of Mormon without any religious interest during a fire season, just to pass the time. I ended up discovering Jesus Christ and being changed forever by the words in this book and was baptized later that year. I am now preparing to serve a mission state-side beginning in April 2015.

Why I am a Mormon

I spent the first 22 years of my life not seeing a point to religion. Everything I had heard about any faith seemed to contradict itself and just didn't add up to me. I didn't understand who The Savior was or even why we needed one. "Jesus Christ" was not a household name where I grew up. When I was a firefighter, I worked with many religious men. It was an excellent opportunity for me to witness how individuals can go about living their lives while considering God's will in every decision. I started reading The Book of Mormon for fun, but it was obvious to me that the people in these stories had also lived hard lives with much temptation and distress, but they turned to The Lord at every thought too. There was a deeper meaning that I could relate to during my hard times in the field. I found myself redeemed by The Great Redeemer and believed in Christ. Being LDS allows me to more fully partake of Christ's atonement. In firefighting we dig trenches between the black and the green. The black is what is burning, our past and sins that we must forsake. The green is our future that we strive to preserve. Our trench is the atonement of Jesus Christ which allows our futures to cleanly grow and thrive without our past transgressions destroying us. We are warned to never face the black, no matter how beautiful, warm, and tempting it crackles at us. We must face the green to ensure nothing comes over the line and damages our future. And we must trust our line; the atonement will protect us. I am LDS because I choose to have Jesus safeguard my future. No matter how content we are in our day to day existence, there is always greater fulfillment and joy that will envelope us when we seek to do as The Lord would have us do. There is divine reason to why we need God in our lives, and I continue to discover it here.

How I live my faith

I am a full-time missionary serving in Boise, ID. I teach people about how they can live their lives in greater harmony with The Lord and invite them to act on their faith. As a member we help people overcome every sort of trial that people face by demonstrating God's love for them and teaching them about His gospel. Previously I was a ward missionary, which is a beautiful calling that entails getting to be everyone new's best friend! And helping the missionaries to teach and serve the community and individuals. Another calling I previously had was on a Family Home Evening committee where we organized weekly free activities for members and non members between the ages of 18 and 30 to participate in a safe fun environment. We played sports, did arts and crafts, cooked, watched movies, had snowball and water balloon battles and various other activities that drew us closer to Jesus Christ in a fun way. I live my faith by trying to be an example to others of how to find lasting joy through the gospel no matter what walk of life you come from.

Is it true that Jesus appeared in North America after his crucifixion and resurrection according to the Book of Mormon?

Yes, it is absolutely true. It was difficult for me to believe in Jesus Christ before I knew about The Book of Mormon. I always felt that if Jesus Christ could perform miracles then why wouldn't He appear to others? I always wondered why if He loved everyone wouldn't He bless others by His presence. When I discovered The Book of Mormon, it proved to me that all these questions I had asked were truly divinely inspired. The Book of Mormon testifies of Christ's divinity and true love for each and every one of us no matter what side of the world we are born on. Now days it is easy to communicate between ocean and over any great distance, but this technology was not available during biblical times. For two nations to receive the same revelation from opposite ends of the globe, testifies to me that these nations were under the direction of the same God. The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ, The Old Testament, and The New Testament all testify of the exact same being: Jesus Christ. Further more, The Holy Bible foretold of Christ's ministry in other lands (see John 10:16). During His appearance in The Americas Jesus Christ elaborated on this biblical verse even more (see 3 Nephi 15:-24). Show more Show less