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Hi I'm Connor James MacLeod

I grew up in Middleton Idaho, a town of about 7,000. I played soccer and rugby, and was called to serve in the Fiji Suva Mission.

About Me

I am 6"4,and I played rugby and soccer. I was in a couple of choirs including the Middleton Madrigals and FX show choir, where we travelled to many invitational to sing. I love music. I also love Technology. I hope to go into the field of Graphic design in my future. I am currently serving a mission in the Fiji Suva mission. Check out my blog Elder Connor Macleod on BlogSpot to read about it.

Why I am a Mormon

I have been in the church from my youth. Many might say that it is already given you, but believe me. No one is ahead on the path to the Kingdom of Heaven. It is the Atonement that shapes, and pushes us along the path. For it is written that nothing we do can save us, and that we all fall short of the glory. Christ atoned for us, and asked us to follow him. He gave invitation to do all we can. "...what manner of men ought ye to be,....even as I am!" He knows we are not perfect, but our perfection is a process, by which the atonement cleanses us. For that which we endure will be for our benefit. It took me time to really catch on. I remember a time where I disrespectfully and blatantly expressed a message to my Sunday school teacher, but to my surprise a fellow class-mate rebuked me for my disrespectfulness. In this time of my life my testimony waned and struggled. In that very moment I felt as the people Christ had removed from the Temple. All fled him at the Temple. Not one turned to stop him. All of them were confounded at an action they all knew must be, for it was according to that law of Justice that such filth not desecrate the sacred ground of the Lord. It had trespassed the Lord. I to had done say. I was unable to speak. I sat down and pondered it a while. I never was able to say anything until I got home that evening. I know that Sin is the weakness of the earth. It can never triumph over that of the power of Righteousness. I later read in the book of Mormon, and as I came to the 8th and 9th chapter of Mormon, I could feel an overwhelming sense upon me as top confirm the Eternalness of the Father. I testify He never changes, nor forsakes us. His hand is stretched still, and as Revelations says, that many still do not take it. God continues to pour blessings from the windows in heaven, and if you wish to see them, believe in Christ. Learn about Him. His gospel is committed to us all for our profit. I share these in Christ's sacred name. Amen

How I live my faith

I grew up in a great family. My Mom was in-active, but returned after my birth. She started bringing me when I was 3 years of age. While there, I was able to participate in the various primary classes. I was baptised by Matt Cox, and later served as the 1st counsellor in the deacons quorum. Did so well, they asked me to be the teachers quorum 2nd. Just before my 16th birthday we moved to another ward, as due to the rapid rate of growth in my stake. I then became the 1st assistant to the bishop. I was always put with the bishop for home-teaching, but I loved those I was blessed to home teach. I know that home teaching is an essential part in fulfilling our duty as the Saints of the Lord. These visits prepared me for my sacred calling as a missionary. I will always remember the lessons of those who taught me. The countless teachers that pointed me on the right path. All of which never once forced me, but gave a stern invitation to do right. My greatest example in the church was my mother, and how she magnified her calling. I have seen that most of her life is devoted to the building of God's kingdom, and not only that, but to do so in the pattern established by God. She has a busy life, but showed me what true priority is. I can only show the same respect for something she regards as sacred. As Christ followed the Father's example, as stated that He can do nothing the Father hath not done. I in likewise place that as my priority.

What do Mormons believe happens to us after we die? What do Mormons believe about life after death?

Connor James MacLeod
I remember a talk given about always being in the middle. We are on and eternal spectrum. I figured that is comforting to know. I want you to think about Death. What happens to your conscience? Is there a void of blackness that you can comprehend the feelings of? Do you believe that your thoughts can end? I have thought about this alternative, and I can not comprehend such a thing. What would be the purpose for anything at that point? Would not Chaos break loose to the thought of just an abrupt ending? I bear testimony of the Eternal plan of God. I f there was no God to create this all where would it have come from? God is named Eternal, that is what makes possibility of this existence. His plan is for us to live with him, and as in Corinthians Paul taught of a man who was from the "third heaven" 2 Cor. 12:2 We believe that God has placed kingdoms of Glory (happiness and honor) to show our diligence of this life. Also taught by Paul of the glory of that of the Sun, that of the moon, and that of the stars. Each one shines differently than the next. We will one day see heaven, first we must await the coming of our Lord. We are given a spirit world. For Our bodies return to the earth. While the spirit or consciousness of man goes to this spirit world. There is one by description is the common taught heaven, the other as the commonly taught Hell. Paradise and Prison. Yet this is awaiting Judgement. A time where with your actions are sealed and there will be no increase Show more Show less