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Hi I'm Alisha

I'm a hardworking student. I live life to it's fullest. I'm a mormon.

About Me

I'm a student at Brigham Young University. I work really hard for everything that I have. I have a part time job and full time school. I love learning and finding new ways to live and succeed in my life. When I'm not working or doing school work, I love going longboarding, snowboarding, and climbing with my friends. My family lives in Idaho while I live in Utah. I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters. I love them very much. My family means the world to me even though we are not as close as we once were. Making art is my passion. And my religion is my life. I love God and Jesus more than anything.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in a family who is Mormon. My parents are faithful members of the church, and as far as I know, always have been. But this is not why I am a Mormon. There was a point in my life that I knew it was my choice to continue to follow in the ways that have been taught to me by the religion of my parents, or to choose a different path. As I considered my options, I envisioned what my life might be like in either situation. If I chose to go my own route or if I chose the route set up by the Church. I knew that if I chose to go my own way, that I would not be happy; although I would feel as though I had more freedom to make different life choices than I have. I knew that, in the end, I would feel trapped by the consequences of those choices. I knew that whether or not I had grown up in the Mormon family that I had or if I had grown up outside the Church, that I would want to come back. I would always choose God over everything else. I know that the Gospel that the Mormon church has to offer is the one that will bring me the most happiness. By choosing the designated path of the Mormon ways, I am giving myself the freedom to always be able to choose. I didn't just choose to be Mormon on that day. I choose to be Mormon everyday, because everyday I have that choice to choose. I feel more secure about this choice than any other choice I have made up to this point in my life. This Gospel brings so much joy into my life. And when things are tough, I feel like I always have a way back to happiness. My choice to be Mormon has given me more hope than anything else and has helped me to never feel alone. I love the feeling that there is something that is constant in this ever-changing world and my ever-changing life. I know that by giving my will to God, he will let me keep my will power. Being a Mormon has increased my capacity to love others and to feel loved by others as well, which I struggled with growing up. I am grateful for the choice I made. I know it's true.

How I live my faith

I strive to live my faith by my example and through the love of God on a daily basis. I want to share the love of God with everyone. I go to church every Sunday. Before church I have a meeting for my church assignment: activities. We plan activities for my young single adult ward. Our goal is to help the ward members get to know each other and give them something fun to do together during the week. When you are out on your own, it's good to have a family you can turn to for comfort and for friends. I like being able to be a part of the committee that plans those activities. I also like to participate in the ward choir. I love to sing and to express my love of God in song and to sing my praises to Him. On Sunday evening, my ward meets again to pray together before our week begins. It brings us closer together spiritually and gives us a social boost for the rest of the week. During the week I like to study the principles that I learned at church in the lessons that were taught. I use my scriptures-the Bible, the Book of Mormon, and speeches or talks by the latter day prophets and other leaders of the Church. I usually pray beforehand to know what I am to study. I try to pray everyday at least morning and evening. I want to think of God and Christ throughout the day. I want to keep a constant contact with them as I would a really good friend or relative.I know their love is infinite and I want to always be willing to accept and receive that love. I want to be close to them like that and to continually nurture the relationship I have with them. By doing this , I am able to think of others more and how God loves them. By knowing how He loves those who are around me, I can more easily show this love to them, even though they don't know it. I am working hard everyday to live my faith daily and to be not afraid to show it.

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

Looking at all the beauty that surrounds me reminds me that there is a God. From the stars, to the beautiful landscapes, the beautiful people around, and the way the world is. “The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork” (Psalms 19:1) I know these things are of God. Even though there is so much controversy of God vs Science. I like to think that science is man's description and study of what God has already done. Seeing the hope and light of the world and how it continually prevails over evil in every generation and century tells me that there is a God. To read and to see and to know that there is all the destruction and terrible things that happen in the world and to hear about worse and worse things everyday and to look at the world and believe it is in decline, often causes one to wonder where God is or if he exists. I look at the fact that there is more beauty all around than evil and that through all these awful things, good still exists and even prevails over and over again tells me that there is a God. Show more Show less