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Hi I'm Camille Kitchen

I grew up in Utah. I have four siblings,one nephew and one niece. I am currently serving a mission in Romania/Moldova!

About Me

I an currently serving a mission, I've been called to the Romania/Moldova mission and I couldn't be more excited! In high school I played lacrosse and ran cross country. I love to read and write. I am a bit of a movie fanatic. I love animals, especially dogs, I have a golden retriever named Sadie. I love 80's and 90's music or really any music! My favorite summer activity is water skiing/wake boarding with my family, but in the winter I prefer to stay inside and read Harry Potter. My prospective Hogwarts letter could almost compare with the letter I got in January to go to Romania, but not quite. Being a missionary is the best!

Why I am a Mormon

I started reading the Book of Mormon in my sophomore year of high school, it was the first time I seriously wanted to know if it the church was true. I told myself that I would read every night until I got an answer. Four years later I'm on my fourth time through. (I'm a really slow reader) I can't remember any experience where I had a powerful, undeniable confirmation that it was true. I don't think I really need it though, I get the answer in small fragments instead. As I read, the words disappear and suddenly I'm there in ancient America-it's no longer a book of scripture, it's a story about people who really lived, who had real problems, and who really knew God. I have grown so fond of the people and the stories in that book. It really is a very slow process and I'll admit, the first three and a half years, I read grudgingly, used to count the verses till I could get in bed. Even though sometimes I dreaded it, and I never got anything out of it, despite all this, something never let me forget to read. I know it was the spirit of God. That wonderful, powerful and sometimes anonymous spirit never let me get in bed without grabbing my Book of Mormon. I look back on my life and I realize how much I have been protected because of my reading. I see how things could have gone monumentally wrong but it turned out because I read the night before. I see God's hand in my life and what would I do without it? I'm Mormon because it makes me happy.

How I live my faith

I think the best way to live my faith is to try to be better every day and really try to live what I preach, I love reading the Book of Mormon and serving the Lord. Sundays are one of my favorite days, my favorite part of church on Sunday is Sacrament meeting where I take the Sacrament and think about the good and the bad that I've done that week and know that I can be forgiven and try again the upcoming week. It's so amazing to know that Heavenly Father and Jesus want to forgive us.

What is being a Mormon like?

Camille Kitchen
I never thought of being Mormon as being different, since I've grown up Mormon I just thought the stuff we did was completely normal. Mormon's aren't perfect, despite what people say or think, we have just as many problems as the next person. For instance, my family. We fight, we have issues and we can be worst enemies-BUT some of the most cherished memories I have are with my family(maybe because we know we'll be together forever so we better get along somehow.) we have this weird habit/talent I guess you could call it, we all can quote any line from any movie with almost perfect accuracy, and we work them into everyday conversation (so if I'm with someone other than a family member the chances of them understanding what I'm saying is very slim) but when we talk together we all crack up. My family is so hilarious, and that's what I love about them, it doesn't matter that we disagree because we make each other laugh (emphasis on make). When we were kids we hated each other, now that we're all older we are best friends, it's weird. We can laugh about all the weird and evil things we did to each other when we were little (being the youngest, I usually get the butt of the story) Being Mormon makes it easier to love the people who are the most likely to annoy you on purpose (Ahem, older brothers). Also, when Mormons get together it's like a huge family reunion, half of the people don't know you but they all like you anyway, and there is enough food to feed several armies. Show more Show less