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Hi I'm Angela Olsen

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a wife and a mother. I graduated with my Bachelors degree in the Humanities. I am an aspiring humanitarian, counselor, and creator. I want to use my gifts and sensitive intellect to serve and bring others joy and peace and bring others unto Christ. One of my life ambitions is to serve world-wide with my husband dental assisting and providing compassion and education. I also am an advocate for wellness and living out our best life. i have struggled with mental health for many years and have found strength through my trials. I have too many interests that far exceed the amount I should list here. I have lots of things on my bucket list to do and see and I have forever with my husband (best friend) to do them with!

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up as an active member. I had a testimony of all the basic beliefs- The Godhead, Commandments, Restored Truth, Prophets, Scriptures, etc. It wasn't until High School when I started seeking beyond. I was friends with many kinds of people and curious about other faiths and wondered why I would be LDS vs any other. I was unsure about the standards (For Strength of Youth) reguarding things like friends, appearance, environment, and dating. At times, the standards felt rigid and distracted from the gospel of Jesus Christ, somehow creating division rather than unity. I imperfectly followed the standards because I desired to be of God and not of the world, but still had some questions. It wasn't until college when I allowed the Lord to mend my misunderstandings. He opened my eyes to see what the standards were NOT. Simply the standards were NOT supposed to make us feel guilty, unloved and unworthy, or lead people away by becoming judgmental and self-righteous, or to create contention and separation; even though sometimes they do. The standards ARE to keep us close to the Spirit, safe from sin and temptation, prepare us for temple worthiness, and allow our hearts to be open to further wisdom and enlightenment. Those things I wanted to believe all along. We are given the standards to guide us to Him, not cultivate self-righteousness or judgment toward others. At that moment, I knew why it was important to be a continuing member of the church and dedicate my life path following Him in that way. Later that year, I went to the temple and felt this was my choice, my decision, and that's what He wanted for me. Since that day and the promises I made, I live peacefully knowing that He has a plan for me and if I have faith in Him, He will lead me. When I continually live by faith and righteousness I feel blessed and loved beyond measure. I believe that He has given me direction through past and present living prophets and scriptures on how to return to live with Him again.

How I live my faith

I serve as the stake secretary for the Relief Society and a visiting teacher to a few women in my ward. I take the sacrament each week on the Sabbath Day and renew the covenants I've made. I'm also endowed to enter the temple. There is where I was sealed to my husband for time and all eternity, have made more promises to my Father in Heaven, and can learn more and serve others. I clean this holy house a couple times a month. I pray, read the scriptures, and follow the words of the prophets. To keep the Holy Spirit with me, I try to participate in wholesome activities and take care of and respect my body. I follow the Word of Wisdom which is a guide on how to keep the mind and body clean. I only have sexual relations with my husband and we do not engage in inappropriate things such as pornography and R-rated videos. The Spirit is with me when I live with love, acceptance, empathy, and honesty toward others. I pay 10% of my income to the church to help grow the Kingdom of God on earth. I try to work hard and stay away from laziness and comparison with His other children. Prophet instruction has also made me more aware of how I conduct my lifestyle through finances and education. I try to keep my lifestyle controlled by what my family's needs are temporally and eternally to reach our potentials. My mindset is focused on the goal of a forever family and this includes living with great love, respect, and joyful times with family. Family is the most central important unit to our Heavenly Father. I'm not perfect, but as long as I'm trying to become better I know Jesus Christ is there for me and knows the desires of my heart. He has atoned and suffered for everything because He loves me very much. The least I can do is try to live with faith and action to show Him my gratitude. He is the reason for everything I am and all I can become. He is central in my life and causes all other things to fall together.