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Hi I'm Kevin Saechao

I'm an Alaskan transplant who loves cooking & all things outdoors including photographing the northern lights and I'm a Mormon!

About Me

I am a convert who is an introvert who is continually training to become an ambivert. I enjoy a lot of time by myself especially when it comes to running, outdoor adventuring, chasing the northern lights, and watching Netflix although I would love to share my passions with a beautiful daughter of God if and when I find her in this life. I was studying Geology and Environment and Society until I decided I wanted to pursue other passions. I took a sabbatical from my studies and got a job on the North Slope in Alaska in the oil fields where I work in catering. Ultimately, I want to become a chef. I am a single, mid-twenties man-in-training on a journey to find my eternal companion, as with many in my age group. Although it feels like there is no hope, I know I must live faithfully and turn to my Heavenly Father for counsel. I have recently adopted a motto to live boldly, courageously, to do what I love and live for experiences. A lot of us are afraid to take a chance and fight for what we want due to fear of rejection or disappointment. Some of us believe that the only way you can be happy is through finding a companion. This is false. A companion can add to your happiness. We must learn to be happy through working, serving and playing. It is extremely frightening to put ourselves out there but if we don't continually take a step forward, we will not progress or get what we want. Life is an adventure that is best shared with others...it's also fine to adventure by yourself.

Why I am a Mormon

When I was 16 years old, I was in a foster home where I had a Mormon foster brother who took me to church to play basketball. I made some friends who invited me to a Sunday meeting. I agreed to go. When I went to church, I was overwhelmed by a peaceful feeling. I wanted to learn what it was so I asked about it and was set up with the missionaries. I learned it was the Holy Ghost who inspires us with thoughts and ideas, who warn and comfort us in times of sorrow, who help us learn the truth. I learned about the Plan of Happiness where Jesus Christ sacrificed himself so that I may return to live with Heavenly Father. Learning of my purpose brought clarification to my life. I was asked to be baptized but I wasn't ready. Although the Holy Ghost had confirmed a lot of truths for me, I hesitated to join the Mormon church due to my critical nature. I wanted to learn more at my own pace. I investigated the church for the next 2 years. I went to meetings on Sundays, I attended church activities including mutual where youth my age got together to participate in activities. I went to early morning seminary before school to learn more about the church with youth my age although it was tough since I had sports commitments. I still ended up completing 2 years of seminary. I researched a plethora of anti-Mormon material to learn about the church's oppositions. There are still many questions that I have that I have not received answers to. However, I know that God will reveal the answers to me when He feels I am ready for them. One day when I was 18, I knelt down in prayer to ask Heavenly Father if the Mormon church is true and if I should get baptized, with all sincerity. I felt this surge of complete understanding and comfort and realized that I had to get baptized. I am much happier joining the church even though I know that I have a lot of work ahead of me. I am striving to become as charitable and loving as Jesus Christ and know that I must serve others to become like Jesus.

How I live my faith

I am in the Young Single Adults Activities Committee, or the "Party Planning Committee" where we organize events such as camping, hiking, Nerf Wars and so forth where those that are ages 18-30 can participate in and hopefully become friends. We plan activities so that those that don't share my faith can spend time with church members, learn more about my faith as well as learn from the diverse group of people who come from all walks of life. I am a home-teacher as well where I partner up with another guy from church to check up on and take care of those that I am assigned to every month. It is an important aspect of my faith. I also spend my time in my community by volunteering for conservation groups such as Alaska Center for the Environment to help spread awareness and educate the community about environmental issues that negatively impact Alaska. I volunteer for a youth program called Alaska Youth for Environmental Action where I volunteered for in high school. Through this program, we help mentor teens in gaining their voices in their own communities. We help provide the tools and opportunities for the teens to stand up and speak up through sending them to Juneau, AK where our legislature is. They get to meet with their legislators to voice their opinions, learn about how laws are made and meet with other teens with similar passions from all over Alaska. My faith believes that serving others is love which I try to do as much as I can. I also believe that food is love.