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Hi I'm Cesar Santamaria

I was born in Queens, NY and raised in Jersey City, NJ. I'm currently serving a Mission in Guatemala.

About Me

Some things to know about me, -I love listening to Rock, Metal, Spanish and Japanese Music. My favorite band is called Rise Against and my favorite songs are Methadone by Rise Against and The End is Where We Begin by Thousand Foot Krutch -I love playing sports and staying active, primarily Tennis above all else because it's my Favorite Sport. I do play a ton of other sports as well for fun. -I like to play my Acoustic Guitar whenever I get the chance... I'm not so good but I'll get there jaja. -I plan on going to BYU after finishing my Mission... mayormente porque quiero estar en un lugar que mas o menos como una ciudad. Maybe I'll go to BYU Idaho first or BU Business College to start haha.. I want to study something pertaining to Technology and possibly Physical Education as well... it would be nice to do these things haha. -When I get back from the Mission, I want to take an entire year to myself and practice Tennis with complete dedication, I want to prove to everybody who puts me down that you don't need to go to a Tennis Academy to have a future as a Pro Tennis Player or College Level Player. -I tend to play many card games such as Yugioh and Cardfight! Vanguard haha, they're way fun to play :) P.S: I am Bilingual in terms of speaking both English and Spanish :P ya tu sabes chicos y chicas :D (and yes, I can be a tad goofy/insanely hyper-active at times) I also wanna learn how to speak Portuguese a little bit too :)

Why I am a Mormon

Personally, I guess the reason I'm a Mormon is because the Spirit truly touched my heart during the time I was listening to the Missionaries with my Mom back in the Summer of 2009. I felt the Spirit strongly enough to pray, read the scriptures daily, attend Church every Sunday, go to Mutuals every Friday and even attend Seminary approximately three weeks before my Baptism. Well, vamos a cambier de idioma ;) I follow this Gospel mainly because I want other people in other parts of the world to be able to have this amazing and precious blessing of being able to have this Gospel in their lives. I love this Gospel with all my heart and that's why I'm serving a mission right now. I know that this Gospel is true, I truly know that Joseph Smith saw Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ. I know that this Gospel was restored through him, who was an instrument in the hands of God and called as a prophet to guide his lambs and die as a martyr. This Gospel can truly bless the lives of every family here on the Earth and in the Afterlife to become an Eternal Family, families can be eternal with the Gospel and even though I don't have that blessing at the moment, I want other people where I'm serving to have this precious blessing. Something I learned from back at home before I came to the Mission: "The sweetest blessings are the ones we fight for". I share these brief things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen... (:

How I live my faith

Living my faith is a little difficult to say, I haven't had any recent callings aside from being called as a Missionary.... So a day at a time helps a lot, especially when it comes to increasing my spiritual knowledge and scripture study. As of right now I'm in my second area. It's been fun so far during my just barely past 8 Months in the Mission. I personally love this work, and I enjoy being here in Guatemala making unforgetable friends with other Missionaries and Members down here :) Where I live at, my mom serves as a teacher for the little kids in my church from ages 4 to 12 if I recall correctly. My church is Hispanic, so be sure to find a lot of members that are Bilingual whenever you happen to pass by there (although the majority of Bilingual people in my church are youth or a little above the age of 18).

What is the Atonement of Jesus Christ? Why was it necessary for Jesus Christ to sacrifice His life?

Cesar Santamaria
In my personal opinion, through my studies as a Missionary in Guatemala (I am 8 Months into the Mission Field as I am writing this) I believe that the Atonement is something precious given to each and every single one of us as an individual human being. It is something that Jesus Christ did for each of us out of his pure love for all of mankind, something that we should all take advantage of now in today's society. Many people believe that the Atonement doesn't apply to them when in reality it applies to us even as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Ladder-Day Saints. Jesus Christ died for each and every single one of us, it is by the Atonement that we may be able to feel at peace when we at our most vulnerable in today's trials. Many of us have said or will say at some ocassion that "Nobody understands my pain, nobody understands my problems", however; because of this Atonement, we are NEVER alone! Jesus Christ sufferred for our sins because he loves us, and wants to comfort us in our greatest times of need. Through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we don't have to say "Nobody understands my pain" because Jesus Christ fully understands everything what we are going through. Jesus Christ died for all those who are repented sincerely and of heart, he sufferred not only our sins at the Garden of Getsameni, but also our illnesses, our shortcomings, and everything in between. If you ask Heavenly Father for help, you shall receive it. I testify in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen Show more Show less