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Hi I'm Bryson Mooso

I grew up in Walla Walla Washington. I'm a Correctional Officer. I have been called to serve a mission in Spain. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am 22 years old. Living and working in Walla Walla, ya its a real place. And finally preparing to serve a mission in Spain. I love film, photography, and art. I spent 3 years working in the movie industry in Boston and California, and loved every minute of it. I love having passion for the things I do which makes me bounce around in a lot of different areas of art and entertainment. I'm a bit of a perfectionist and terrible with deadlines. I plan on never growing up and always enjoying life. And so far that's worked pretty well.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because it gives me genuine happiness. The love that I feel through my Savior Jesus Christ is completely undeniable. Yes I was raised in the church and people can claim that's why I am a Mormon, and it may have started out that way but eventually I had to question it for myself and truly seek out and see if it was true, I made the decision for myself. When I decided to sincerely read the Book of Mormon, I gained a knowledge of the truthfulness of that book and the Gospel. I promise that the Book of Mormon contains the truth. It contains words from God meant for each one of us, meant for us to have happiness and direction in life. Personally, one of the best parts of having this book is that you don't have to take anyone's word for it. You don't have to trust what I'm saying, because you can find out for yourself. We have been promised that we can gain our own personal testimony of the book by reading it, and sincerely praying to know if its true. I have tested this, and my prayers were answered. The Book of Mormon is true. This Gospel is true. We have a true and meaningful purpose here on this earth, and we can return again to our Heavenly Father. I love knowing my purpose on this earth. Knowing that there is a plan for me and that I am not meant to fail through trials and hardships, but that I can grow, learn, and make a difference. That ultimately I can make the decisions in my life to bring me true and eternal happiness, having faith in this church was a first step. I have a long way to go but I look forward without fear to the journey. I know without a shadow of doubt that this is the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. It is the same Gospel that He established in his time, restored in these the latter days.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by being an example of Jesus Christ. I do the little things. I go to church every Sunday, I say my prayers and study the scriptures. I believe in making a difference in this world. Part of me has always wanted to be involved in law enforcement, to help people, to truly serve and protect (As cheesy as it may sound). I have started that career with being a correctional officer at a state penitentiary. I love that even in such a dark place filled with so much wrong, I can still feel the light of Christ. I live my faith by not faltering from what I know to be true, even when it is difficult. I was recently called to serve a mission in Barcelona Spain. I am living my faith by leaving a good job, great friends and family, and the comforts of home to devote 2 years to serve God and the people of Spain. And honestly, I could not be more excited! Some people look at it as a sacrifice, I look at it as an amazing opportunity. The Gospel is the greatest blessing in my life, and it is the greatest gift I have to give. The knowledge I have will change their lives just as it has changed mine.