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Hi I'm Christian James Nielson

I am a: Ice Cream addict, believer that Dirt Bikes are dreams come true, small town boy convert! I am a Latter-Day Saint!

About Me

I am from a little small town, an hour out of Yellowstone National Park, called Cody Wyoming, and, yes, it's cliché, but I love everything outdoors: Dirt Biking, Rock Climbing, Wakeboarding, and Snowmobiling are the firsts. Picnicking, Camping, Triathlon-ing, Hiking, Snowboarding, and Paintballing fall closely behind. I do have a somewhat "girly" side. Firm extoller of the virtues of Ice Cream, I definitely enjoy stargazing a ton, and I love dancing. A LOT. I danced a total of 10 or so years, starting with competitive Ballroom in individual events and team events, and during my last 5 years of Ballroom, I started Country Swing and Line dancing, and I also had 2 Latina dance partners who taught me Latin Dances! I love the way dancing brings out diferent sides of one's character, and how a dancer tries to match their personality to the dance. It makes dancing so enjoayable and unique! I have a deep passion for studying Social Psychology, and I actually started studying Psychology when I was a freshman in High School. I love how the mind works, and how small little changes can make huge difference to one's own character, and also the environment that surrounds her/him, whether due to time or other circumstances. I love the Gospel! It truly gives all the answers I am searching for. I have recently begun a search of "Parallel Scriptures", that show the relation between the Bible and the Book of Mormon. My current favorite Parallel Scripture is Matthew 22:21 and Alma 5:14!

Why I am a Mormon

I like to think I am an atypical conversion story, but I think I am like the majority. I was everything I thought I wanted to be before I converted. I had friends everywhere, I was successful in everything I wanted, I was popular, I was one of the best athletes and academic students in my school. I was exactly who I thought I should be. From Elementary School to High School. But I felt empty. Everything to me seemed wrong. I was suicidal, my friends were shallow, and unreliable somewhat due to their personalities somewhat due to maturity, my own family essentially disowned me, sending me off to my Aunt and Uncle's to live my life with them, so they could "fix" me. I felt as if God couldn't exist. If He did exist, why didn't He seem to care about me? Why didn't He seem to know who I was? Why did it seem He couldn't see what I was going through? He couldn't be real. I prayed one night, the first real prayer in my life. I just prayed for a friend. I waited for the lightning bolt of an answer I was sure would come, but didn't. Life passed on. The hollow feeling continued to grow and grow until I wondered how people couldn't see the gaping holes in me. I was so broken. Then one day, God sent me that friend. He sent to me the first real person in my short 17 years of life, who cared about me, and wanted to know who I was, and didn't reach out because he wanted something from me. He stayed by my side through so much. For 4 months, I pushed myself to correct mistakes, change my nature, overcome my doubts, and he was there every step of the way. It was all worth it the day that that friend told me he could see the change in my eyes. At the start, I worked for him. I changed for him. But over time, I began to change for myself, until the point that Jesus Christ could reach out to me, more and more until I was humble enough to accept His hand, and be filled with His light.

How I live my faith

The current way how I show my faith, is by doing what Christ did. By ministering to His Sheep, and through being a good and pure example I can lead His sheep back to Him. I love the story of when Jesus Christ is eating with the Publicans and the Sinners, and when the Pharisees saw this, they tried to usurp the Authority of Jesus Christ, questioning His disciples how a "great man" would stoop to eating with sinners and the despised, why a Teacher would be with such sin? He, Jesus Christ, must not truly be the Son of Man, if He was surrounded by such "uncleanliness". In a humbling, and truly inspiring way, Jesus Christ tells the Pharisees that He has not come to preach repentance to the Just, but to the Sinners. It isn't the "just Pharisees" that needed His Salvation, or so they proclaimed. He came to preach repentance to the sinners, to call back the lost, to share joy to the hopeless, to give comfort to the afflicted, to rejoice with the converted of His Gospel. Everyone needs His Message. It is my honor, to do what He once did, by serving His Brothers and Sisters by ministering to them the Joy of His Restored Gospel, in Fort Worth Texas. Sep 2016 - Sep 2018!

How can we increase our faith in Jesus Christ?

Christian James Nielson
This one got me too. Faith always seemed like a huge concept, something mysterious. Try this terminology - "Faith"'= "Trust" + "Hope" - "Action". When we Trust that God will help us, and Hope for the best, and we act according to that Hope and Trust, that is what Faith is. It's the same thing in the Bible. Moses had to trust in God - He wasn't even a good speaker! Every time he opened his mouth to preach must have been done in faith. Noah had to trust in God - His life depended on it! Faith also isn't something that magically comes to us. We have to grow faith, in a sense. We can't just trust that God will move mountains for us so we can get to our lunch appointment faster. First we have to do little things. We have to read our scriptures and pray, so that we can then get little miracles. When we keep doing those things, and start to do bigger things, we then qualify for bigger and bigger miracles. In the Book of Mormon, the Prophet Alma used an intelligent analogy of a seed, as Faith. We have to water it, weed around it, grow it, before we can grow the fruit. It's the same with faith. Water your faith by reading your scriptures every day - Try the Book of Mormon. If you find you feel better, it's a little miracle. Weed around your faith by stopping the little doubt so Satan puts in your mind, and by doing the little things every day. Let it grow over time - nothing will happen overnight. Show more Show less

Why are only some Mormons allowed into temples? Is there something secret going on in Mormon temples? What goes on in Mormon temples?

Christian James Nielson
If you feel like it is secretive, you haven't really tried to ask around that hard. Visitors are always welcome on Temple Grounds, and at most Temples there are missionaries who are quite excited to answer any questions you might have at the Temple Visitors Center. The Church also allows people to tour a Temple before it's dedication, the which is called an "Open House". Also, the Church has published a Temple Preparation Pamphlet and classes that are taught to worthy members of the Gospel who wish to enter the Temple worthily. We keep Temples sacred because just as in ancient times, the Temples of God were used to complete sacred ordinances that brought us closer to God. In the Modern-Day Temples, this hasn't changed. We are able to fulfill Malachi's prophecy, and bind a family to last beyond death (Malachi 4:5-6), and we are able to be baptized for our ancestors, so they have a change to learn and accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ just as we do (1 Cor. 15:29) Show more Show less

What are Mormon women like? Do Mormons believe in equality of men and women?

Christian James Nielson
Being a feminist, this question stuck with me for a while. I personally believe strongly that woman are just as capable as men in whatever they choose. I didn't know originally how religion would play an effect on my preceding vision of man/woman relationships. A friend once taught me that God created man and woman "equal" not "perfect". God didn't specify whether man was perfect, or whether a woman was perfect. Therefore, God's statement really is that man and woman are equals, but only perfect TOGETHER because of the "and". And "equal" is defined as "being fairly balanced" - each part of the set having qualities that make the other's qualities stronger and also cover any weaknesses. God said that man and woman were to be "one" before Him, and also the Apostle Paul told the Corinthians that the man and woman are nothing, apart. So God created man and woman differently apart, to be stronger together when unified. Each man and woman have talents and abilities that give them great influence over a family - if only one parents tries, the family is incomplete. Not as much good was accomplished as could have been. But together, with two sets of eyes watching from two different angles, two hearts that want the best for those being watched, two differently opinions, but unified in one cause, two people with one goal to bring happiness and a spiritual environment for learning, is more powerful then what one could do alone. Show more Show less

Why is it important for us to take care of our bodies? Why are our bodies called temples of God in the Bible?

Christian James Nielson
We Latter-Day Saints believe that the humans are the Temple of God as stated in Corinthians 3:16. "Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?" (1 Corinthians 3:16) Temples have two parts - a physical structure, and a spiritual core. Just as we, humans, have a physical body, and a spirit within us. Essentially, we believe that in that the "Soul" of man was the temple spoken of by the Apostle Paul. We believe that our physically body affects our spiritual receptivity. In the same way Fasting brings about Spiritual Enlightenment by "overcoming the natural man", likewise we Latter-Day Saints believe that if we harm our physical body, such as taking illegal drugs or any addictive no substances, our spiritual openness to God isn't as strong as it could be. So by keeping our bodies in good physical health, we believe and attest that one's spiritual harmony with God is increased. We have a greater connection to the Holy Ghost, who can lead us and guide us through hard times and good times in life. Show more Show less

What is being a Mormon like?

Christian James Nielson
We are normal people. We merely try to adhere to a higher standard of moral conduct because we believe strongly that living to that higher standard will bring the blessings we need to navigate through this life safely and securely. We believe that when Jesus Christ came to earth, He Restored the Higher Law. Not to solely keep the 10 commandments of the Mosaic Law, but to do more to achieve higher levels of spirituality and harmony with God. He continued to reveal more of that Higher Law, through Joseph Smith and the Modern Day Prophets, so we can continue trying to become better and better, happier and happier, until the day when we can stand before God and say we did everything we could. Now, I am very happy in a hard world. My life isn't perfect, but I am confident that things will be just dandy. I study the Scriptures, Pray every day and attend the Church every week to nurture my seed of faith, and I am happy because I am doing the right things, at the right times. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe about the Bible? Do they regard it as Holy Scripture and the word of God?

Christian James Nielson
Yes, we believe the Bible is the word of God, as far as the Bible is translated correctly. First the Bible was written in Hebrew, and Egyptian. Then it was translated to Latin, then to English, and other various languages. As a bilingual, I can see how languages don't match up perfectly. In English, we give birth to a child. In Spanish, the more accurate way is "Dio a Luz", literally translated meaning that they gave to the light. So, maybe a few things didn't translate perfectly into the language we read the Scriptures in now. We believe that the Book of Mormon serves many purposes, two of the primary being; A) It confirms the Truth of the Bible, such as Jesus Christ being the Son of God, and His Divine Mission on Earth, and B) It confirms the Scripture in John 10:16, that explains that God is the Heavenly Father of all people on the face of the Earth. Just as the Bible, and the Book of Mormon, were written by Prophets of God throughout a length of time, we believe the Doctrine and Covenants is also sacred scripture. The same as the Bible and the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants contains sacred revelation from God for man as to how to become better people, and follow better God's Commandments. Show more Show less

What is faith?

Christian James Nielson
In the scriptures, Faith is a described as a Hope. A Hope for things which we cannot understand or grasp with our 5 human senses. Along with Hope, Faith can equally be described as a "trust" - A trust in God that all things will be right, and perfect, through Him. We need to have Faith everyday - faith that our job will still provide for us. Faith that people we care about will still love us. Faith that things will be alright in the end. That Hope, that Trust, is what moves us forward day to day. Faith is also a willingness to act on that Hope and Trust that we have. Prophets needed to have faith in God in order to preach, but before any miracles happened the Prophets needed to trust, and then speak. We, when we need to repent of a transgression, act in accordance to that faith and hope in God that He will remove our sins. But first we act with hope, exerting to do all in our power to not sin again, and then God helps us. Faith is exactly like a talent - it is small, and unseasoned by time when started. To excel, we need to nurture it, to water it, cultivate it, and by make sure it has good soil to grow in. Over time, as we nurture by reading the scriptures, water by praying to God to understand, and cultivating by removing the doubt and fear that Satan places in our path, and being open and receptive to His promotings, we eventually will have a Tree of Faith within us, that will not be bent by anything of evil nature. Show more Show less

Why do Mormons perform proxy baptisms in their temples?

Christian James Nielson
I had always wondered about this question - what would happen to the people who did not recieve the opportunity to hear, and join, the Gospel of Jesus Christ? God loves all of His children, why would He curse His children who didn't have the opportunity to hear the message of His truth? That didn't make sense to me. Jesus Christ taught that Baptism is essential to Salvation - in essense, we cannot be saved in the Kingdom of God without fulfilling this requirement. His Apostle, Malachai, prophesized: "And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse." (Malachai 4:6) This prophecy talks about the Sacred Work done in the Temple - the Temple Work. We are baptized, and confirmed members of Jesus Christ's True Church, in place of our ancestors who have passed on. We are "Proxy Baptized" and "Confirmed", meaning we are baptized in behalf of them. Where our ancestors are is a place of waiting, and when their Sacred Work is done, they have the opportunity just as we do - to listen, accept, or reject the Gospel for their own selfs. God loves them, and us, enough to give us all that opportunity. Show more Show less

What are Mormon temples used for?

Christian James Nielson
Temples have always been places of adoration and worship to the Lord. In Modern-Times, God has continued to reveal what ordinances and sacred acts we are to do in Temples today. Jesus Christ commanded Joseph Smith to continue that Work, and to build Houses of Worship to Him. In the Temple, we can bind a marriage using the Priesthood Key of Sealing, that was given to Elijah, and we can be baptized for our ancestors, so they like us have a change to learn, and to accept or reject the Gospel according to their desires. Show more Show less

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

Christian James Nielson
"Worship" is defined as the act and expression of reverence for a Diety. We Latter-Day Saints respect, and love Joseph Smith as a good and humble man he was during his life. We proclaim (loudly) that he was chosen by God because of his worthiness, and his loyalty to God to become a Prophet of a new era of revelation from God. His trials and valor merely prove his worthiness before God, because Joseph Smith did not waver from the truth even when faced with death, pain, and torture on his own life, and he held to the truth he knew, even though the same afflictions he experienced were forced upon God's followers, his own friends and family. We do not, however, view him as a God. Acting in such a way by placing Joseph Smith in a position to be worshiped would be titling him as a God. Such would be in violation of God's Commandment which He gave to Moses (Exodus 20:4-5), of worshiping graven images or false Gods before His own self. We Latter-Day Saints worship God the Eternal Father, and God the Son Jesus Christ. We proclaim (even louder) that They have restored Their Church on the Earth. Show more Show less

Why do Mormons baptize their new members?

Christian James Nielson
Jesus Christ Himself stated the absolute necessity to be baptized, as He told Nicodemos in John 3:5. An important part of Baptism, is it having been inacted by the proper authority, a question Jesus Christ posed to the Pharisees when they attempted to usurp His authority. However, His authority, as well as that of John the Baptist, was Authority given from Heaven, and not authority claimed by man. Jesus Christ further told His followers to follow Him, and to follow His example of rightouesness. While this does not mean we can literally follow in Jesus Christ's path as He once told James and John, Jesus Christ did say that we need to be baptized by immersion by someone who was called of God to inact that ordinance. If God's authority isn't being used to inact the Ordinance, God won't find it valid. With that proper priesthood authority, when we are baptized, we make a covenant with God. A sacred special promise, in a sense. We promise to accept Christ, to become a righteous follower of Him, and to keep His Commandments forever. When we are faithful to this convenant, when we strive every day to do the best we can in regards to those commitments, God promises us that He will forgive our sins, and that we can have the opportunity to return to live with Him for the eternities. Show more Show less

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

Christian James Nielson
A man once told me a story while he was on his mission. He had an appointment set up to teach a man, and quite suddenly found himself surrounded by the most viscous Maori Gang on New Zealand, and was instructed by the Gang Head to teach them about God. He asked if they believed in God, and they said "No." He asked if there was a Devil, to which the response was "Yes." I pose the question that man asked this Gang: How can there be a Devil, but be no God? If such were true, every single person would be on a continual, steady, and surely on an exponential line of become more and more evil, with no good to reach towards. Are there not good people in the world? Are there not good things that make us happy? A Prophet of God put it very bluntly, illustrating creating a chain of events that would be set off if there was no God. Because if there is no God, there is no Devil. If those two beings did not exist, then there can be no Good, and no Evil. There would be no Heaven or Hell, Condemnation or Salvation. If Good and Evil didn't exist, then we would not exist, but there are Good People and Bad People. There are Wars, there is Death, there is Heartbreak. But, there is also Peace. There is Hope. There is Progression. There is such a thing as becoming better, in any sense of the word. There is a God. He exists. He loves us. And merely because we cannot distinguish Him with the senses and tools He has given us, that does not mean for one instant that He does not exist. Show more Show less

Where did Mormonism and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints begin?

Christian James Nielson
"Mormonism", or "Mormons", is a stereotypical title given to those of this Church, based upon our reading of the Book of Mormon. The Official Title of "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints", was the name given to the Prophet Joseph Smith from Jesus Christ Himself. However, God's Church has existed throughout the Ages. God has called Prophets in every era of time to call His Children to repentance, to be saved, or to be happy eternally with Him. He called Prophets such as Adam, Elijah, and Jeremiah to do such. He also called Prophets such as Nephi, Alma, and Moroni, to preach repentance to His other children in other parts of the Earth, so they too could recieve Salvation and Eternal Joy. Jesus Christ officially established His Church, calling for the Children of God to come and follow Him, and to proudly proclaim that they were followers of Jesus Christ, to "take upon them His name", just as His Apostle Paul said to the Ephesians in Ephesians 5:23, that Christ is the Leader of His Church. The title "Latter-Day Saints" also comes from ancient prophecies about our times, from the phrasing of our living in "the last days", before the Second Coming. "Latter" means to be situated around the end of something, rather than the beginning. Show more Show less

Why do you have 12 Apostles? They were just meant to be around for the time of Jesus Christ, not to be replaced with new apostles.

Christian James Nielson
There are little footprints that explain the answer to this question, logical examples and scriptural examples. We see examples in the New Testament, with the positioning and calling of Matthias to replace the position of Judas Iscariote, and also the calling of Paul to be an Apostle as well, shows that the Lord wanted His Church to continue, or otherwise He wouldn't have called more Apostles to fulfill the positions of leading the church. But I think a good scripture that talks about this concept, is found in Malachi 3:6 - "For I ​am​ the ​​Lord​​, I ​​​change not​; .........​." So why wouldn't God call Prophets again? Why wouldn't the way He has worked since the dawn of time? Prophets have always guided God's Children to be happy, by following His commandments, His Gospel, or in other words His "Way of Life". Why wouldn't God do that for our day and age? He called many prophets before - Adam, Enoch, Elijah, Abraham, Moses, and even Jesus Christ was a Prophet of God. So why wouldn't God call another prophet in our day and age to help us get back to God in the way God has always intended? Show more Show less

What is the Law of Chastity?

Christian James Nielson
"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven" (Ecclesiastes 3:1) God has given us the power to bring His other children to this world, so that they can have the opportunity to learn and to grow, as we do.. This is a sacred and special trust He has given to us, and He trusts us to make the right decisions. He has commanded us that we should only procreate specifically between a legally married man and a woman. All other relationships, places, are outside of that parameter. He commands this to keep us, and those we care about, safe and happy from the Devil. With all of the Commandments of God, there are repercussions for breaking them, and also blessings for keeping them. Breaking this Commandment brings serious consequences. Distrust. Disloyalty. Enmity to God. Keeping this Commandment brings harmony between a husband and wife. It brings and stabilizes trust. It gives children a good home to be raised in and to learn the Teachings of Jesus Christ. It brings happiness. And it brings onesself in greater harmony with God. Show more Show less

What will the Mormon missionaries talk about when they visit my home?

Christian James Nielson
The Missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints share a message about Jesus Christ. Yes. It's that simple. We don't "preach", we don't "Bible Bash", where we dump Information on you "proving" that this church is true - we simply teach and invite. The Missionaries will first teach you about Revelation, and how God has not ceased to reveal His wonders to man, no importance the time. Whether to Adam, or Enoch, or Noah, or Moses, or to you personally. Then they will speak of the importance of the Atoning Sacrifice of Jesus Christ, and how it applies to us in our own lives, today. This is actually one of my personal favorite stories to read, in Luke 22:38-46. Then, they will speak of how you, and I, and everyone can access that Atonement, so that we may repent for our sins. And how to continue being worthy to be clean, every day, for the rest of your life. We will invite you to read the Book of Mormon, as I once did, and prove if it is really from God. We will invite you to come to our Church Services. We will invite you to give up certain habits so you can be more receptive to God. We don't invite you for us. We invite you to do things for you, and for Him. Show more Show less

Do Mormons practice polygamy?

Christian James Nielson
Realize that God has sometimes commanded His children to practice polygamy for a specified time for varying reasons, one of the primary being to raise His children with the Teachings of the Gospel. One of the bigger examples, is Abraham. Abraham had a son, Issac, who had a son named Jacob, or Israel. He had 12 sons, from 4 wives. And from his posterity, we identify those descended from Israel as the Tribe of Israel. From those tribes, we come. Blessings given to Abraham because of his obedience bless us all, even today. God asked Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, and specific men called exclusively by the Lord, and were told to act in times of old, and to practice plural marriage for a designated time with various reasons, one of the primary being to raise up children in righteous households. Multiple historical records among the Saints in that time period blatantly indicate that these men wished not to do so, but out of obedience to the Lord, they did what was commanded. In 1890 the President of the Church declared that all plural marriage among Latter-Day Saints had finished. Some unfaithful saints decided they knew better than the Prophet and knew better than God, and left the Church, forming a similar church under a similar name but practicing plural marriage. The law of plural marriage is not practiced today among LDS members. Any members who violate this are in jeparody of God's Judgement. Show more Show less

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

Christian James Nielson
Jesus Christ decreed that His Church would be a missionary church, specifically to His disciples as stated in Matthew 28:19-20, but also through modern day revelation has provided better and the currently followed guidelines for the era in the which we live. No one is compelled or forced to serve a mission. Missionas are based on one's desire to serve, and God's need for them to serve. Missionaries actually pay for their own missions, because it is a priveledge to serve God in the construction of His kingdom, His Church and faith in earth. It is a sacred honor to serve Him. Young men are strongly encouraged to serve missions at ages 18-19, to better serve in positions in the church in later years of life. Young females are also encouraged at age 21, and senior or retired men, woman, and couples may also serve a mission based on God's desire. Church service can range from 18 months to two years, and all missionaries are called to their specific missions by revelation of the Will of God Himself. Show more Show less

What is the Atonement of Jesus Christ? Why was it necessary for Jesus Christ to sacrifice His life?

Christian James Nielson
In this life, we fall. It is impossible for fallen, weak beings such as us to not sin. We live in a world where sin is all around us. The movies we watch portray actors doing things expressly against God's commandments. We see war movies, where people kill and murder, very much against God's Commandment of do not kill. People commit fornication, and adultery in videos and TV series, also against God's Command. It is impossible to walk through this life without sinning. Without being touched by sin. Without being affected by sin. This is why the Atonement of Jesus Christ is so vital to our lives. The Atonement was when Jesus Christ felt the weight of our sins, our suffering, how we feel without the presence of the Holy Spirit, He felt how we feel when we are pained physically. This event, encompasses from the Garden of Gethsemane, through His trials, and ending with His life being given to the Father on the Cross. When Jesus Christ went into the Garden of Olives, or Gethsemane, He suffered for our sins. We don't know how He did it. We don't know how He survived it, other than the mere fact that He was glorified because of the Father. He felt the pain we felt without the Holy Ghost with us, and He died in the same manner. But He never sinned, not once. This is so that we, if at any moment chose that we want to become better, He can support us. He can give us strength in our trials, up until the point where He can take our loads from us, and we can be clean again. Show more Show less