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Hi I'm Daniel Coleman

I am Daniel I am 20 from Scotland. I am a Football (soccer) Referee. Please feel free to contact me!

About Me

Hello, I am Daniel I am 20 from Scotland. A Little Bit About Me I study Law, I am a Football (soccer) Referee and I really enjoy politics (probably a bit too much). I am a football referee eccentric, it's my passion so I will probably go on about it. I'm working to get fitter for it now too. I am extremely proud of my family and Scotland (but not to the point where I think Scotland is better than any place else, it is a country like every other). I have a big family these days, but the basis is I live with my Mum and Step Dad. I have 4 Step siblings, 2 step brothers 2 step sisters. I am in the middle there, but I am my Mum's only child. ! I spend a lot of time with my Grandad, I take him on his weekly shopping trips every Wednesday. I have since resigned from my youth political career to move onto senior politics, but feel free to ask about my previous experiences and what I did, if it interests you. This year, I stood in the UK General Election at the age of 19. I lost my a country mile, as expected, but i am very proud to say I stood in a very difficult time for my party. I support Dundee United FC (The Arabs!) and Portsmouth FC (Pompey!). Both are not the greatest teams, but being loyal to your teams is just as important as anything else. I will be in London for around 3 months this summer! I am here until about 20th August so if anyone would like to meet up in London that would be cool. Best wishes, Daniel

Why I am a Mormon

I am actually a product of the online missionary work. In November 2014, I made contact with a gentleman named Elder Jones. Originally there was no intention for me to join the church but as we chatted more I become more curious and interested about the gospel. I then added a few other Elders on facebook, and things really just took off. I skyped several times with the missionaries in Boston before being referred to the ones here in Dundee. While there is no substitute for face to face contact, skyping and online missions is certainly the way forward. In fact, Elder Tait, whom I met through this process, actually came here to Scotland to baptise me. So if it wasn't for the online missionary programme, I would have not been baptised and I would have not made friends for life. I had no doubt about Jesus Christ or God, none at all, but I did not really do much with this faith. The reason I had it, though, was purely because a creation that is a staggering as the Earth cannot under any circumstance be by chance. No way. So I had little doubt that there was a God, a Christian God. So my testimony that I know this Church is true is perhaps stupid, silly and even plain senseless in comparison to others, but my main key testimony is that when I pray and come to Church, I feel right. I feel the Holy Ghost there. I feel the Lord with me. I feel that I am accepted and I am doing what is right. Another way in which I make testimony that the Church is true is found in how much misinformation there is out there about us. I actually think this misinformation proves we are the real deal, as Satan is putting people off joining the real Church by spouting total nonsense about our Church. That is my testimony. That is how I know I am right and that it is true.

How I live my faith

I recently joined the church (18th January) and I have not regretted it a single moment. It has been a momentous decision in my life and I live my faith in many different ways. I tend to pray twice a day (morning and night) as well as trying to read at least 5 chapters of the BoM at some point in the day. I attend BoM classes each Tuesday evening as well as institute on Wednesdays and Church (of course!) on Sundays. Despite only being in the church for under a month, I already have 2 callings (First Councillor on the Sunday School and Ward Missionary) and a Home Teacher. I am still new to these so I am still trying to learn the ropes, as they say, but I think in some ways I have hit the ground running. I thoroughly enjoy it but the best way I know I am carrying out my duties correctly is by prayer. Another way, which I find useful but maybe not for everyone, in which I live my faith is I sit down and I review my day to see in what circumstances I can become more Christ-Like. Some days the list is quite long but I need those days to be able to improve. I would recommend this to anyone. As part of this, I also set myself 5 weekly targets to try and achieve, I am yet to achieve all 5 in one week but I will sometime. These range from pray more often to stop committing a sin. Reviewing this on a Sunday evening helps me learn and grow to see what I need to improve on.