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Hi I'm George

I've lived in Virginia my whole life. I love swimming, reading, and playing the piano. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I've played piano for over 10 years and most of my favorite songs are either by Jon Schmidt or the Hymn Arrangements by Linda Chapman and Bonnie Heidenreich. I've help many positions in the church related to music. I played soccer from ages 8-16 and was on the swim team for my 4 years of high school. I'm not completely sure why I enjoy swimming, but I do, and as for soccer, I've been certified as a Grade 8 referee which is the most fun job I've ever had. I love reading; it is just fantastic. I actually made a list of books that I've read since starting high school and the total was over 150! About 30 were classics, and another 30 were non-fiction. My favorite author is Brandon Sanderson, writer of awesome books. I'm also a big advocate for audio books since they make things like chores fun :). I was able to skip kindergarten when I was younger since I was home schooled, so I started high school at age 17 and turned 18 halfway through my 2nd semester, much to several of my friends' surprise, lol. I've finished my first two semesters studying Physics with a Mathematical emphasis at BYU-Idaho and loved it. I am currently serving a full-time missionary of the Church in Arizona and life just keeps getting better.

Why I am a Mormon

To quote the General Conference talk of the same title, I Know It, I Live It, and I Love It. I was born a member, but the more I study, the more I pray, the more I look to Him for guidance, the more I see the truth of this Church. I see the Love of God EVERYWHERE. He is amazing, and He loves us more than we can comprehend. I see it in the scriptures, I see it in the testimonies that other members bare, and I feel it when I pray to Him. Two of my favorite scriptures come from works that only we have: 2 Nephi 2:27, "Adam fell that men might be; and men are, that they might have joy"; Moses 1:39, "For behold, this is my [God's] work and my glory—to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man." This is truth. This is testimony. I love Him, and He loves us. I guess the answer to Why I am a Mormon is that I know that a Mormon is the best thing I can be right now, because it is the His church on Earth.

How I live my faith

I don't have a calling as a teacher at the moment, except as a hometeacher, but I do teach lessons for class occasionally. The big thing I'm doing at the moment is a project called For the Strength of All. It's based on the church pamphlet For the Strength of Youth, and it's about applying the Lord's standards to our lives. Those participating spend exactly three weeks on one of the topics, trying to live it to its fullest, then at the end of the three weeks they move on to the next topic. The idea is that you raise yourself so high, that when you let yourself back down you don't go back quite as far. You'll have improved yourself. To aid with this, those who are signed up get a daily reminder of their commitment. You can sign up yourself at ForTheStrengthOfAll.com, and even if it's in the middle of a segment you can start now so that you can hit the ground rolling. The goal is that within a year's time all the participants will have applied every topic to their life, and have taken the next step on the path to God. It's For the Strength of All, that All Might Come Unto Him.

Do Mormons only help Mormons?

Many of the people we help are Mormons; after all, if all your friends are Mormon, and you are commanded to serve, often the first people you look toward are those you already know. However, we have been commanded to serve all, as Christ would, and to always be on the lookout for ways we can serve others. As one of the youth, there are many many opportunities to serve other people both in and out of the church. For example, we've sang at a nursing home, prepared care kits for disaster relief, raked, mowed, pruned, painted, etc. for those who couldn't take care of their yard themselves, worked with the missionaries to help spread the gospel, cleaned and cared for an overgrown graveyard, and all sorts of other things. And those are only the more noticeable acts of service! Because, as I said before, we are commanded to always look for opportunities to serve, we are continually helping those around us, Mormon or not! Service can be range from holding open a door or carrying a heavy box to simply smiling at someone and giving them a compliment to who knows what else! After all, serving people makes us happy, so why not? Show more Show less