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Hi I'm Rudy Montes

I am a convert of about 3 1/2 years, teach primary, have various hobbies, have 7 kids and 16 grand kids and I'm a Mormon

About Me

I was raised a catholic and was active off and on for about 40 years. I was less active from high school through college and became active again when I got married the first time. I became disillusioned in my 30s because I felt nothing there for me. After my divorce I met my current wife who was an inactive LDS member who didn't try to push me one way or the other. I knew about the church because my ex-sister-n-law was LDS. My first wife was very anti-mormon so I kind of stayed away from it. When the first set of Elders came to our door I started lessons but still felt that there was nothing for me. Years later when the Sister came they explained things differently and I was able to understand more. It wasn't until the 4th set continued to teach me that I finally got it and felt it. I asked a LOT of questions and tried to get info off the web and the History channel. I have many hobbies like photography, gardening, wood working, fixing things, target shooting and just helping when I can. I have volunteered for the American Red Cross and have been deployed to various disasters across the U.S. and now volunteer for a medical team doing the same thing. I'm the crazy one going into a disaster as the sane ones are leaving. My wife and I are very active in the church and enjoy what we do. We both had previous marriages and between us we have 7 children and I think at last count 17 grand-children.

Why I am a Mormon

My story started about 38 years ago. I was first introduced to the LDS religion by my ex-sister-n-law. I was raised Catholic and have been to different types of churches while in college but I never went to an LDS church. I even dated a girl that was Jewish and a couple of Atheist and one that practiced Witch Craft. Growing up we were mostly Catholic. Very few were something else. My ex being a devout Catholic did not want anything to do with the LDS religion even though her sister was LDS. It was not until I met my wife and her family that I got to know more. We would have the occasional visiting teacher come over and later the Elders would come over but I just wasn't ready. When the Sisters started to come by on a regular basis, I was ready. I watched the History Channel to gain more insights. I read & prayed as the Sisters suggested but nothing. They asked what I liked about the B of M. I said it was neat like a history book with the battles, blood and gore. That was it! They kept coming over not giving up on me. They kept coming. When I told the Sisters what I had read they came down and sang for me. It finally made sense as it explains why I am in business in helping people. Things were starting to click. Then one night I dreamt I was walking with a group of friends near my dad's house and one of them asked "Now that your LDS what do you think of the Osmonds?'" I said, "I didn't like them before and I still don't like them". That's when I knew the time was right. I hadn't told anyone about my dream yet so when the Sisters came by that evening for their weekly beating, they opened up the calendar and asked, "pick a date". I knew I was ready but kept them in suspense by making excuses.No one else knew what she was talking about. I finally set the date and she let out a scream. I had to explain what just happened. Seems like everyone knew after that. I get more insights into the Church when I read the B of M and D and C so it is my belief that the word is true.

How I live my faith

My calling for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is to teach Primary ( 9-12 year olds) in our Ward. I am currently doing the newsletter for class and share it on Sugardoodle.net so other primary teachers can share it with their kids. I like to post things about the church on FaceBook and I get a lot of likes from friends who are not LDS. I am also work at the Temple and even though the hours are long it is very rewarding. I volunteer at our Ward at various functions and it enjoy helping others. I am at peace with myself now that I know what I know.